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Marijuana for Migraines: Does it Really Work?

Migraine is a condition considered to be chronic to most people. Pain can be so severe that it interferes with the everyday functionality of people experiencing it. Some have claimed that the use of Marijuana reduces pain, and now it is widely accepted, but a question has been lurking around it, Marijuana for migraines, does it really work? Can it be an option if the over-the-counter prescription does not work?

Migraines are pain not just in the neck but can be felt throughout the whole body. Experiences of nausea, extreme headache, neck tension, stress, alarming visual changes, loss of sensation, over-sensitivity to noise, or even light are what awaits people who are suffering from Migraines. For some, they have faced it with great difficulty. Others have developed enough tolerance to be still functional, but one cannot be so confident in enduring these chronic symptoms.

The Science Behind It

There can be multiple points of view that discuss whether it is sufficient for aiding the symptoms of migraines; other researches have claimed that it can also be used to prevent a migraine from starting. But some critics say there isn’t a compact proof that could support such claims to be true. 

How Does it Work?

  • Cannabinoid receptors with its networks are to be found in your brain and almost all parts that are in your body.  These minuscule loops of nutrients called protein affect feelings of pain.  Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in Marijuana. When you smoke weed, these natural compounds enter your body that looks for Cannabinoid receptors. They interfere with how those receptors work, resulting to pain signals to calm down.
  • Cannabinoids also address muscle spasms, nausea, anxiety, or further health problems.
  • Through inhaling Marijuana, nearly 50 percent of people who are experiencing a migraine attack felt pain had been reduced. 

Further Studies that Support the Claim

  • By using Strainprint app, which is used for tracking symptoms both before use and after use of Marijuana, was the data used in studying over 1,300 participants. Participants with Migraine stated that Marijuana reduced the attacks of migraine severity by almost 49 percent. And people with non-migraine reported that Marijuana reduced their pain severity to 47 percent. Through this study, researches opinions leaned toward trusting Marijuana is effective.
  • Journal of Pain published a study that focuses on data from migraine and headache patients who are using Marijuana simultaneously. Previous clinical trials indicate Marijuana was better in alleviating headaches than with ibuprofen. Researchers were motivated to uncover if Marijuana and Migraine do really work since there are a considerable number of individuals who say and believe that they use Marijuana to aid their migraines and headaches.
  • Headaches and Migraines reductions were reported by 90% of men than 89.1% by women. Researchers recorded that Marijuana oil produced more reduction in severity in terms of headache and Migraine than Marijuana flower.
  • Health & wellness professional Laura Peters said, “it [inhaling Marijuana] can aid Migraines that is due to stress.”
  • The University of Colorado published a study counting 121 people that were regularly experiencing migraines used and smoked Marijuana daily to avoid the attacks. The 40% of participants reported that occurrences of Migraine attacks each month reduced by half.
  • There are more and more people testified that inhaling or smoking Marijuana help ease migraine compared to using edible products.
  • A 2019 study issue in Neurology reported 88.3% of 279 patients testified a significant improvement regarding their headaches and Migraines after using Marijuana. 38.3% experienced an improvement in their sleep with a simultaneous reduction in Migraine frequency.
  • Various studies counting the 2018 review, proposes that Marijuana can reduce and sometimes even replace medications that aid Migraine and headaches.
  • Marijuana that is consumed through inhaling/smoking reported a 47.3% reduction in headache severity also 49.6% reduction in Migraine severity, according to an assistant professor at Washington State University.
  • Pain reduction for migraine attacks and severe headaches is up to 50% through inhaling or smoking Marijuana, concluded and published by The Journal of Pain.

What Strain of Marijuana works Best in aiding Migraine?

It has been established that Marijuana for Migraine aids; however, some people have also asked if there is a specific strain that can be our go-to-source when addressing Migraine. Pain reduction between marijuana strains has found to have no significance. Whether a kind of strain possesses higher or even lower levels of THC and CBD, what matters is Cannabinoids, which is a natural compound found in every Marijuana.

Others have preferred Sativa hybrid plus high CBD as a preventive medication for Migraine. Also, others have found Indica strains with low pain levels efficient. 

Some reminders.

1. State Laws

Some states prohibit the buying, growing, owning, or using Marijuana regardless if it is for medical use. Still, half of the states in the US it is legal, especially for medical use.

2. Employment

Even if the state allows it for medical use, you have to consider to identify the company or employer’s rules and regulations in drug testing.

Summing up 

The regular use of prescribed medicines for Migraines is frequently associated with dependency and medicine overuse. But based on some research that was published recently regarding the relationship of Marijuana for Migraines, they came out with a positive outcome that Marijuana was able to help, at least at some point. 

If you’re currently taking prescribed medicines for your migraines and thinking to consider Marijuana as your alternative, you should talk first with a physician knowledgable in Marijuana medicine. Despite the many research that found potential and positive links in Migraine and Marijuana, this isn’t deprived of adverse effects that everyone should make themselves aware before engaging the activity.  One must not try to do self-medication with your Migraines with the use of Marijuana because, as of now, there is no regulation and standardized dosage. 

Marijuana works with Migraine, and with the right guidance from experts, continuous research, and support from the government, each of us can hope for brighter days to come for the medical weed seeds.

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