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10 Low THC Strains for Low-Key Stoners

Whether you’re a newbie in getting high or even just managing your doses of marijuana, you’re definitely on the right page. There are times when you just want to consume marijuana but not to the point of stone-high but just to feel elevated after a long and stressful day. In some cases, you just don’t want to depend on the effects marijuana can provide. Besides, it’s not a bad thing to cut off the THC levels you want to consume. This is a responsible way of consuming marijuana. To give you an idea, check out these 10 low THC strains to try for low-key stoners. 

Why do People Want Low THC Strains? 

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a type of compound often found in marijuana that is responsible for delivering psychoactive effects on the human body. The higher the THC levels, the higher the effects it can induce. They work perfectly in dealing with reducing anxiety, depression, inflammation, and even pain. Regardless if it is for recreational or medical purposes, THC-containing marijuana strains will definitely provide an amazing high experience. 

Not because people choose to consume low THC marijuana strains doesn’t necessarily mean they are a killjoy or something. These strains are actually designed to manage the consumption of people who are starting to consume marijuana. The cannabis tolerance of the body varies per person. Some people are not able to consume marijuana without experiencing adverse effects, while some perform perfectly even when consuming high THC marijuana strains. 

Low THC strains often come from the indica family. On the other hand, it’s rich in CBD, which is perfect among consumers for medical reasons. Yes, it can deliver some relaxing effects but not the same way high THC strains do. If you’re rooting for a more manageable strain to consume that will not interfere with daily activities, this is the perfect strain to try. Besides, consuming marijuana strains that are low in THC can be consumed; however you want it to be. 

10 Best Low THC Strains to Try

There were times when you just want to get high but not to the point of the feeling of being in an alternate universe. These strains are perfect if you’re just down for a few hits to keep your nerves relaxed and felt elevated. Even though they are low THC strains, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need to manage your doses. Always practice responsible for marijuana consumption regardless of the highness and lowness of the THC. 

Ringo’s Gift 

Ringo’s Gift is a CBD dominant marijuana strain of up to 15%. This is the famous offspring of two remarkable strains, such as Harle Tsu and ACDC. This strain is often used for medical purposes because of its ability to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. On the other hand, recreational effects deliver relaxation, upliftment, and elevated thoughts. It can also heighten one’s sense of focus and creativity, which prevents interfering from one’s daily activities. This is one of the best starting marijuana strains for beginners because the effects kick in gradually rather than on-set. 


ACDC delivers an herbal, pine, and peppery taste with high CBD levels of up to 14% and unnoticeable levels of THC. It is an indica and Sativa hybrid delivering little intoxicating effects that are perfect if you’re trying to manage your consumption, or you just want to chill for a little while. ACDC has the ability to boost appetite and relieve mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, it helps in improving energy, sense of focus, euphoria, and relaxation. Its high CBD levels improve managing the consumption of marijuana. The taste remains the same, but the effects are somehow subtle compared to high THC marijuana strains. 

Harle Tsu 

Harle Tsu is an indica-dominant hybrid of up to 60%, with CBD levels boosting up to 22%. This is the popular cross of Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. If your main concern is the medical effects, they work perfectly in delivering pain-relieving properties for headache, arthritis, and even joint pains. For recreational users, Harle Tsu is ideal for those who are seeking for upliftment and relaxation. Compared to other CBD-dominant strains, its effects are beneficial for both recreational and medical users considering that they can deliver effects similar to high THC marijuana strains. 

Sour Tsunami 

Sour Tsunami is one of the few strains originally bred for low THC levels. It is the proud offspring of NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel, producing a marijuana strain that works perfectly for medical and recreational needs. Sour Tsunami is the marijuana strain to consume for an expected energy boost and euphoria with a heightened sense of relaxation, focus, and creativity. Considering its relatively low THC levels, this is ideal for those who want to manage their marijuana consumption without cutting off the number of times smoking on a daily basis. As you consume this strain, expect subtle mind effects that help in improving performance. 


Harlequin is a three-way cross of Swiss Landrace, Colombian Gold, and Thai strains producing a CBD-dominant marijuana strain of up to 10% and THC levels ranging from 3 to 5%. It’s popular for its sweet, spicy, and woody taste empowering its medical and recreational effects. The on-set effects include a boost in creativity, heightening the sense of focus, and even elevated feelings and thoughts. In addition, Harlequin works well in delivering pain-relieving and stress-relieving properties. Even though its effects are exceptional, it has minimum to no psychedelic effects inducing intense high. 


Pennywise is an excellent choice for those who are looking for marijuana strains with low THC levels. Consuming this strain constitutes to low chances of marijuana dependency. On average, its THC levels ranging from 5 to 8% and CBD levels of up to 13%. Pennywise is globally known for treating seizures and other possible causes of inflammation. They deliver exemplary effects in treating several mental disorders too, such as PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, and even depression. One of the perks of consuming Pennywise is how it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities. 

Canna Tsu 

Canna Tsu is definitely best for those who are trying to abstain from consuming marijuana. It has relatively low levels of THC, which are no more than 1% and CBD levels of up to 18%. As an amazing cross of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami, it deals with both recreational and medical needs, which makes it a perfect substitute for those who are looking for low THC strains for low-key stoners. 

Northern Lights 

Northern Lights is 90% indica, which explains how it belongs to the top 10 low THC strains. In just a few puffs, you will already experience the subtle high it delivers. With its pine-like flavor with a slight hint of sweetness, it’s the perfect strain for beginners. As a wide recommendation for both recreational and medical users, no wonder why it is one of the top-notch strains across the globe. It has the ability to uplift the personality and, at the same time, act as a muscle relaxant relieving pain and stress. 


Cannatonic has a 1:2 THC and CBD ratio. With its THC levels comparatively lower than the usual, it’s an ideal marijuana strain for beginners as well as to those who want to manage their marijuana intake. It is powerful in mind rather than the body. The good thing about it is how it delivers effects to a relaxed and optimistic way. As it clears your head, it helps in improving one’s sense of focus and heightens a sense of creativity. It’s suitable if you have some commitments during the day because it doesn’t interfere much with daily activities. In fact, it improves one’s sense of critical thinking too. 

Charlotte’s Web 

Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain is actually one of the top-notch strains that is best for those who are consuming weed for non-intoxicating intensions. It’s CBD levels are relatively high that can go up to 20% which makes it among the perfect candidates for recommended marijuana strains for beginners. As a top choice among low-key stoners, there are no THC compounds visible. If you’re up for a chill marijuana session alone or even with friends, Charlotte’s Web is what we highly recommend. 


In conclusion, consuming low THC marijuana strains isn’t that bad. Treat it as a precautionary measure before trying to dig into high THC strains. The experience remains the same but with the absence of psychoactive effects. These ten best strains will help you get your dose of marijuana without being completely stoned. It’s good to have setbacks to prevent further dependency on marijuana. You can get this strains at marijuana seeds.

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