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Light of Jah Marijuana Seeds is a sativa leaning cannabis strain that can produce good yields and will flower early at just 8 weeks. This is an indoor and outdoor strain that works best in temperate or sunny growing areas. It is also an energetic, stimulating, and happy strain that can be used to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pains.


Light of Jah Cannabis Seeds

Undoubtedly, one of the best types of marijuana is this multiple Cannabis Cup winner in the cannabis world today. It is the best modern uplifting marijuana sativa Haze hybrid. It requires the best soil and big pots for those cannabis seeds giving girls.

It has a citrus flavor and very close to grapefruit, it will surely soothe down your throat. If you’re high already, you will experience this sativa high or also called the cerebral buzz!

The type is mostly sativa; it is good for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It grows to the height up to 100 cm, it flowers with the range of 10 weeks to 13 weeks. It yields 750 gm./sq.m. The THC level is 19 to 22%. It is usually harvested in the final week of September. The quantity of the seeds is usually 10.

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Quantity : 10 seeds Flowering Period :10-13 weeks
Type : Mostly Sativa Harvest : End of September
Climate : indoor/outdoor Stoned/High : Sativa High – Cereberal Buzz
Yield : 750 grams/plant Indoor THC level : 19% – 22%
Height : 100 cm Grow Difficulty : M oderate – Expert


How To Buy Seeds For Growing Light of Jah

With so many Cannabis Cup awards under its wing, Light of Jah marijuana seeds have proven to be one of the best strains in the market. Expert marijuana growers sought this marijuana seeds because when fully matured, its cannabis plant can yield 750 grams of weed per square meter. The smoke of the weed of Light of Jah marijuana ganja seeds has a citrus flavor that tastes much like a grapefruit and is guaranteed to give the ganja smoker a cerebral high. We sell many varieties of strains of marijuana seeds at cheap prices. Our cannabis seeds are known to be highly germinated and are easy to grow under specified conditions. To ensure your privacy, we make sure that your order of Light of Jah pot seeds are packed in a very discreet manner and you can also have us address the package to a different name.


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