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This plant grows tall and produces strong tight buds. it is a sativa marijuana strain that produce high premium weeds. It has the ability to produce dense compact buds. Lemon ice cannabis seed has a lovely aroma and lemony taste, it loves the sun but grows well indoors.

Lemon ice cannabis seed, aside from the lemony taste and smell gives a refreshing and uplifting high, it is an ultimate feel-good smoke, it can keep you going all day long.

The plant grows to as high as 90 to 110 cm. it has a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks and it is expected to be harvested in the month of September, giving a yield of 450 grams per plant. The THC level is 15 to 19%. The grow difficulty is moderate. Given enough space and sun, the weed will give a remarkable harvest.

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Quantity : 10 seedsFlowering Period : 8-10 weeks
Type : Mostly SativaHarvest : September

Climate : Indoor/Outdoor

Stoned/High : Lemon sorbet with a sativa high
Yield : 450 grams/plantTHC level : 15% – 19%
Height : 90 – 110 cmGrow Difficulty : Moderate

Lemon Ice Pot Seeds

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How To Buy Lemon Ice Weed Seeds

Want to grow your own ganja plant that produces lemon sorbet flavored weed that gives a natural high? Lemon Ice cannabis seeds are the right seeds for you. This cannabis strain is perfect for smoking on a hot summer’s day because of the refreshing cooling high that it gives the smoker and its lemon sorbet flavor. Lemon Ice marijuana seeds love the sun so much that you will have no trouble growing them outdoors. You will find that by the month of September, your Lemon Ice ganja plant will give you a very satisfactory harvest because of its towering height of up to 110 centimeters.

If you choose to buy Lemon Ice marijuana seeds from us, you have the option of paying with your credit card and have your package shipped under a different name in order to protect your privacy. We ship pot seeds internationally to countries like USA, Canada and Australia. Each pack contains 10 high germinated ganja seeds but to show you how much we value you as a customer, we will give you 20 marijuana seeds of a different weed strain absolutely free!

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