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Legality of Cannabis Seeds from United Kingdom

The legality of cannabis seeds in United Kingdom was implemented and it greatly affects the economy and the system of their country. Many Club growers start getting conscious and touchy-feely about donating their “elite” clones, because it is estimated that the price of so-called “elite” genetics would also skyrocket. And as the remaining few packets of seeds legally being sold in the UK were finally listed “out of stock”.

At present the price of cannabis seeds in the UK is usually cost less than price in other country such as Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo. This is certainly down to legality, availability, and demand involved. The UK cannabis seed industry produced its own market and has enhanced its growing scene. Likewise many home growers overseas simply feel safer buying cannabis seeds from UK seeds outlet than they do any other point of global seed sale. This fact simply shows how many people are satisfied and confident with the cannabis seed produced by the UK outlet.

In this sense the political and economic climate surrounding cannabis seeds in the UK is, as ever, uncomfortably positioned. Ironically, the number of commercial growers in UK was not even affected despite the fact they know about the prohibition of cannabis in their country. They are consistent in cultivating cannabis from select mother plants to clones. Neither, it would help to lessen the problem of contaminated cannabis that now plagues the UK. As within any period of heavy-handed prohibition, the number of “bootlegs”, “knock-offs”, and “fake” types of cannabis seed would predictably increase at the same rate as information about different types of cannabis varieties degenerates.

The overall standard of ‘cannabis education’ in the UK would be dumped down accordingly. From a medicinal perspective, the outlawing of cannabis genetics (make no mistake this is what growers in the UK are facing) will further play ignorant to the needs of thousands of UK medicinal Cannabis users. Those that find beneficial relief from certain varieties of cannabis, over other varieties of cannabis, would be neglected further still by the bodies within society that are meant to care for them. The self-contained, self-medicating, non-invasive, members of the cannabis community, including those who are terminally ill, would be prevented from finding the natural medicine that will surely give the best help for their condition.

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