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Learn about Marihuana Seeds in Spain

There are many ways grow indica properly, but grafting is the fastest way to make an indica cross grow a large system onto a large sativa root system. One grower plans to graft several clones, including Skunk #1, Jack Herer, Orange Bud and White Widow, onto the rootstock of a Mexican sativa plant with a huge root system. The process of grafting is certainly simple and easy. Simply cut a “V” in the stem of the sativa plant. Cut the clone’s stem into a point, and fits it into the “V” in the stem of the rootstock. Then use splints and string to bind the union. Set the plant in the shade for a few days to heal. After a few days the plant loses a few leaves and get better.

Sustaining seeds and crosses are also important. It is a fact that Spaniards have been planting sativa seeds for generations. Mostly Moroccan, Mexican and Colombian strains. Later the Hawaiians came, Thais, and most recently indica/sativa crosses. Growing from seed outdoors is a fact of life here. Indoors, however, growing from seed is as foreign as paying for your own stash. Clones rule among indoor growers in North Europe, as well as North America and Australia. Many growers take advantage of the certainty that half of the plants turn into males. They use this chance to cross their favorite plants and produce their own seed for next year.

There are great numbers of growers who succeed in generations, but the majority is miserable failures. The reason is because the selective seed breeding is only achieved by having a large selection of male and female plants to cross and select from the resulting off springs. Most Spanish growers take irregular records and only grow a few plants.

It is also best advised to select male plants as pollen donors. He digs them up, transplants the males into pots, and moves them into a small green house with a double door to keep the pollen isolated. Then use your finger to collect a little pollen from one of the open pollen sacks. Once the male plant has supplied enough pollen, he cuts it back and removes flowers as they appear.

He moves the male under a bank of fluorescent light 20 hours a day. Within 4-6 weeks the male plant has rejuvenated and resumes vegetative growth. There are many ways to take good care of your growing plants. Just continue on learning and researching. Grafting and rejuvenating the plants are necessary to know.

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