Definitive Guide to Understanding Landrace Strains

When you think about cannabis strains, keep in mind that there are hundreds of amazing strains that are special and unique in their way. These strains can bring about different flavors, aromas, and effects. With so many strains, there seems to be a strain for every cannabis consumer. 

There are three classifications of cannabis strains. These are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, but there is also rare cannabis and originated from landraces, and they are called landraces strains. 

As mentioned earlier, cannabis comes in varieties; that is why it is also enjoyed by many cannabis consumers. It comes in many flavors, and the effects can vary. In this article, we will focus on rare cannabis strain or what is known as landrace strains. What makes them unique from others? Where did they originate?

A Short History of Cannabis

Before we proceed further on exploring landrace strain, it is important to get a little information about the history of cannabis. Cannabis or the use of cannabis can be traced way back from 2900, B.C.E Cannabis was used for medical purposes and in spiritual rituals or practices. Weed was also used as a tea or infused in food and drinks by royalties or wealthy families. It was later used to smoke as discovered by some ganja experts.

Based on these historical facts, it is very evident that cannabis has been utilized over 10,000 years already. It is that old! Cannabis experts traced the vastness of this plant that has been found in the landraces of Africa up to the Hindu Kush regions. 

Landraces have been discovered with plants from Africa, South America, Russia, and so on. As years pass by, cannabis consumers have tried combining strain after strain to produce other results or other variety of strain. Growers intend to grow weed on cooler temperatures or some in hotter places, and some want to breed cannabis with different flavors, aroma, and potency

What are Landrace Strains?

The word “landrace” actually means “origin”. The term is used to describe a rare group of cannabis plants that possess unique quality in DNA compared to other strains. In simpler terms, these are cannabis strains that originated in certain areas and have not undergone any form of cross-breeding to other strains. 

Landrace strains can be identified as indigent in several regions. They grow adapting to the nature in which they thrive, like the climate and another important natural in conditions. Landrace strains are cannabis plants that came from the original species even from years ago. The potency of these strains depends on its chemical structure. Though some say that the modern cannabis or the new cannabis plants are more potent than landrace strains because they are chemically combined with other cannabis, still, these landrace strains have unique effects as well.

Overt time, cannabis experts have also cultivated these landrace strains to preserve them as most of them are the source or the origin of other plants. These strains have also developed unique and better characteristics to survive. For example, native cannabis plants from the African region are different from the plants found in the Kush Mountains region. The plants from both regions may have different genotypes from other plants originating from other regions.

What are the Best-Known Landrace Cannabis Strains?

Unfortunately, landrace strain has become rare; cannabis cultivators have found ways to preserve landrace strains. There are a few that are abundantly available, and there are some who have become very rare to near extinction. Thanks to cannabis experts, they have found a way to preserve and keep landrace strains. Here are some of the popular landrace. Let us start with Sativa landrace: 

Acapulco Gold from Mexico

This strain is an eye-catcher as it grows beautiful with golden hairs like golden nuggets. Aside from amazing Sativa high, this strain has a delicious flavor with buttercream sweetness and earthy undertones.  

Lamb’s Bread from Jamaica

This strain is known for its distinct aroma and flavor. It leaves the user with a boost of energy and a happy high. The flavor is a dominant pine and herb, and it also has sweet and spice undertones. The Lamb’s Bread or Lamb’s Breathe has a scent of fresh tobacco. 

Durban Poison from Malawi and Kilimanjaro

This strain is completely non-toxic, and it is an energy-boosting strain that can also uplift the mood. It is very tasty as it indulges the taste buds with its vanilla, spices, orange, and creamy flavor.

Panama Red and Colombian Gold from South America

Panama red also grows as a beautiful plant, and it has great psychedelic effects.

Thai and Chocolate Thai from Asia

This originates in Asia and can leave you with a feeling of energetic and happy. 

Here are some Indica landrace: 

  • Afghani – this is one of the purest Indica, which can bring about relaxing and sedating effects. It is also effective against fatigue, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. 
  • Hindu Kush – this is a very popular strain and has become a parent to many other strains. It has an earthy flavor with notes of pine, citrus, and lemon. This strain is perfect for late afternoon or evening consumption as it brings about relaxing effects that can lull you to sleep.
  • Lashkar Gah – this strain has strong sedative effects that can let you experience peace and tranquility. 

The above-mentioned strains are just a few of the available landrace strains. Sadly, these strains are becoming rare up to the point of extinction. This original strain is where many other cannabis strains have been derived. The mixing to other strains has created new strains with powerful and string potency, not to mention the delicious flavor and amazing aromas. Landrace strains have been around for so many years already, thousands of years, and they are the origin of many other strains. Know that there are hundreds of strains already, and they are the by-product of the combination of these strains to other strains.

Landrace strains have evolved developed to new other strains as time goes by. They are considered as 100% pure and parent plants. If you are looking for a legit pure marijuana experience, try a landrace marijuana strain.

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