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Kosher Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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When all you need is to chill out and unwind, the Kosher Cookies fem weed strain is your best bet! This Indica dominant weed is all about relaxation! This weed boasts of a genetic line of powerhouse strains in Girl Scout Cookies and Kosher Kush. It delivers a THC-packed relaxation that can melt away all those tensions and stress! Its 20% THC content is also used to relieve pain-related disorders, making this weed a go-to strain for both recreational and medical cannabis practitioners.

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Kosher Cookies Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-leaning

Genetics Parents: Kosher Kush x Girl Scout Cookies

Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks

Climate: Warm, sunny, dry

Yield: 350 grams

Flavors: Pine, Citrus, Earthy, Peppery

THC Level: 20%

CBD Level: less than 1%

Height: Medium

Harvest Period: late October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Kosher Cookies Fem Strain

This new strain is the ultimate relaxant without being too overbearing and sedative. It is the perfect weed to loosen up and mellow down after a strenuous day at work! Its relaxing effects are so predominant that some users don’t notice the slight euphoric and feel-good effects of the weed. It still has a cerebral touch that uplifts the mood and sets the tone for a night of full relaxation. This weed will gently hit the user with a warm wave of sensation that tingles the entire body. This spine-chilling effect can send goosebumps all over! Then, a full-body relaxation ensues, soothing every muscle of the body. Profound calmness wraps the entire body with its tender touch! It can get very sedating that eventually users will get that good restful sleep they deserve!

Another thing worth mentioning is the weed’s outstanding bag appeal! You get the same aroma and flavor when engaging with this weed. A pungent earthiness with notes of pine and citrus prevailing in the mouth and nostrils! As the creamy and smooth smoke is exhaled, a black pepper flavor lingers inside the palate!

What are the Medical Benefits of Kosher Cookies Fem Strain?

Being a predominantly Indica strain, the Kosher Cookies fem cannabis strain offers a great, relaxing effect that has analgesic and palliative properties. These characteristics are best when used to treat muscle pains, backaches, joint inflammation, and fibromyalgia. It relaxes the muscles and numbs the pain. It also calms the mind to give the user a more tranquil demeanor. With its subtle mood upliftment combining with the calming high, those suffering from severe stress and tension can also look forward to using this strain to provide them that relief. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kosher Cookies Fem Strain

 It is common to experience a dried-up mouth and drying of the eyes. This is because of the effects of THC on the person’s bodily fluids, such as saliva and tears. Their production is reduced when THC is inside the body, thus causing cottonmouth and dry eyes. These are not dehydration effects. To relieve yourself from these effects, sugar-free drinks or water are best to consume as this increases saliva production, not those heavy colas or juice drinks. As for dry eyes, a bottle of eye drops will be enough to replicate the tears lost during smoking pot.

How to Grow Kosher Cookies Fem Strain Seeds

Super Kosher is a simple plant to grow. If you know the typical growing needs, these plants behave just like the typical indica strain. They usually need a warm and sunny environment to thrive in, but humidity levels must be kept low, especially during flowering time. Keep it at 55% during the vegetative stage and lower it to 45% when buds start to develop. This will prevent any old development in the plants. These plants need to be exposed to cooler nighttime temperatures to replicate tier growth in their natural habitat, a mountainous region. Since they are medium-growing plants, you need to prune them ever so often to allow for better circulation and light penetration. These buds will be ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks and yield about 350 grams of top-tier weed per plant!

1 review for Kosher Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Marco Odelle

    Such an awesome strain! The high was deeply relaxing, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Thanks Mary Jane! Will definitely come back again and for sure gonna buy some and check your other stuff’s out! 10/10

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