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Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Kalashnikov feminized weed strain pays homage to the inventor of the classic AK 47 assault rifle. This weed is the result of breeding the celebrated quintessential AK-47 and the highly psychedelic White Widow, resulting in a plant that provides a psychedelic high while completely sedating its users. With a  THC level that measures 18%, expect a powerful psychoactive effect that recreational and medical cannabis practitioners will enjoy!

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Kalashnikov Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant

Genetics Parents: AK-47 x White widow

Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks

Climate: warm, sunny, Mediterranean

Yield: 600 grams indoors and 1000 grams outdoors

Flavors: citrus, earthy, pine, skunk, sweet, woody

THC Level: 18%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: Medium to tall

Harvest Period: October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Kalashnikov Fem Strain

Kalashnikov cannabis strain hits fast and hard! Right after your first drag, an energetic bomb goes off right away! It will surge throughout the body but will soon settle in the head. Users will start feeling reinvigorated and they will start to exude euphoria! A mood enhancement soon follows. This head rush of energy can get intense and psychedelic images and sounds are bound to happen. Images and voices are distorted and a time warping sensation will happen. All this occurs while the user radiates happiness all over. The high is euphoric-inducing! A sense of mental clarity will soon ensue as creative ideas will pour over the user’s head! In large doses, this weed unleashes its Indica traits! A deep-body buzzing sends chills all over the body, giving some tranquilizing effects. Then, as the sedation deepens, a strong feeling of lethargy takes over and couch locking is inevitable. The high from Kalashnikov can go on for several hours, making this a favorite among many hardcore enthusiasts!

The aroma emitted from the buds of Kalashnikov weed has a strong, earthy scent that has a great mix of citrus pine, and that cannabis connoisseur’s favorite skunk. True to its landrace lineage, the aroma of this weed is all from landrace strains, making it a natural-smelling weed. The same flavors are tasted as their smell— a pungent earthiness blends beautifully with the citrus, skunk, and pine scent of the strain. On the exhale, a pungent woodiness continues in the tongue long after the smoke is exhaled. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Kalashnikov Fem Strain?

The potent Sativa effects of this weed are a way to aid in treating those suffering from mood disorders. The mood-lifting and euphoric effects make it a great medical herb for depression and anxieties. The users forget their negativities and are instead feeling a motivated, happy high. This washes out any disturbing thoughts that lurk inside the head of the user. It is also a good fatigue booster, as the highly energetic effect of the weed is potent enough to keep the users on their toes the whole day, as long as they take the weed in moderation. Some medical cannabis patients. However, you can take this weed in larger doses to bring out its heavy, sedating effects that are very helpful in relieving pain such as migraines. Back pains and other pain-related disorders.  

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kalashnikov Fem Strain

The intensity of this strain’s effects may lead to anxiety and paranoia if the user is not used to heavily psychoactive weed. So for first-timers, it is recommended to take it one toke at a time and let the effects settle in before dragging on some more. The common cottonmouth and dry eyes are also side effects of this weed. Drinking lots of hydrating fluids and applying moisturizing eye drops will greatly help in reducing these effects.

How to Grow Kalashnikov Fem Strain Seeds

This weed is very sturdy and resistant to a lot of pests and diseases. This is mainly due to its landrace heritage. It can also withstand changes in temperatures and can grow in cold climates. But they prefer a warm, sunny and semi-humid environment to thrive. Topping is essential for these plants to regulate their vertical growth and pruning is also recommended to maximize airflow and light penetration into the plant. They are good to grow until about eight to nine weeks before they can be harvested. They will reward their growers with a plentiful yield of  600 grams indoors and 1000 grams outdoors growing.


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