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Island Lady

Island Lady Marijuana Cannabis seeds

Through the advancement of technology, there are many ways on how to purchase your own cannabis strains seeds with ease and convenience. Indeed, the Cannabis Industry has a lot more to offer and it gives people the right choice of selection through different breeds that are being grown and manufactured. One of the most popular breed is the Island Lady Marijuana Seeds Island Lady Cannabis seeds which is also well known with this term Ganja Dwarfs which is a mixture of Kush weed crosses with Purple Haze. This plant comes from two other hybrids, the purple is an mostly sativa from Holland’s hope and skunk number one crossed with an indica hybrid from hindu kush and afghan cannabis strains.

Island Lady Marijuana Cannabis seeds

This is a very sickness resistant plant, sweet taste, different flavors and a small bit hash like. Nowadays, cannabis plants or marijuana plants are abundant almost everywhere. Compare to other wide-spread types of hallucinogen including ‘magic mushrooms’ or ‘Datura’, it is not locally abundant to most of the countries. It is originally from the Central Asia extended to different part of the world. To date, Cannabis plants are not only ordinary plants rather they are part of the leisure activity of most individuals though it was strictly prohibited to most countries because of its harmful effects as well as its provocative addictive content. But as the history shows, it did not stop people from smoking the weeds especially those people in different cities of North and western America as well as European countries extending its leg to Micronesia.

Its wide spread only showcase how powerful its effect to different people of different races. As time goes by, the demand goes up and the supply also competes over the consideration set of the clients. The plant’s natural homeland is most likely in the regions north of Afghanistan and the Altai mountains of southern Siberia. Its edifying and commercial allocation has been successfully integrated because of the fusion of modern and traditional process. Indeed, Island Lady Marijuana Seeds Island Lady Cannabis seeds can be highly recommended for first time growers who find a way to easily cultivate their cannabis plant.

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