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Indoor Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

This site gives a wide selection of indoor and outdoor pot seeds for novice and professional growers. Choosing the right strain to grow and using the right method of cultivation will determine the success of either indoor or outdoor marijuana growing.[ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]  [ 5 ]  [ 6 ]  [ 7 ]  [ 8 ]  [ 9 ]  [ 10 ]  [ 11 ]  [ 12 ]

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White Widow Feminized
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Yoruba Nigeria
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Planting Pot Seeds – How To Grow Marijuana Seeds

Indoor/Outdoor Marijuana Seeds For New And Professional Growers

The indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds you can find in this website are for new and professional marijuana growers. Difficulty in growing cannabis will range from easy to moderate. Choose the weed strain you can afford to grow but do not compromise the quality of the seeds with prices. Order only from reliable seed banks so you can be sure of quality seeds and secure delivery.

What is the best way to germinate indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds?

To start your own indoor/outdoor growing of weed seeds, select the strain appropriate to your needs. We have sativas and indica varieties available online. THC level of these strains will also vary. Whatever strain you have chosen, it is recommended to germinate the seeds prior to planting. In germination, you need to secure moist tissue or moist paper towels for you to put the seeds. Place the seeds over the moist tissue and put them in a plate. It is important that you drain excess water in the plate. Cover the seeds with another moist tissue and with a second plate. Germination of indoor/outdoor pot seeds should be done in a place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds will start to germinate within 24 hours but most often, it can take several days and sometimes, it may take a week.

What is an ideal growing environment for indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds?

To have a successful weed growing from indoor/outdoor marijuana seeds, plant the seeds in an environment that suits them. Yoruba Nigeria and White Widow Feminized are just two of the best strains we have that you can cultivate indoors, in boxes or in a closet. When these seeds are grown in their favored environment, they can grow as tall as 70 centimeters. THC level of different marijuana strains will also vary. Making the pot seeds grow in an ideal environment can give you a higher yield and more potent buds. The best environment for your plants to thrive well is one that is having an ideal temperature of 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The right level of humidity and proper air circulation should be kept consistent to give cannabis plants a desirable place so they can produce high amount of yield during harvest.

When is the best time to harvest the buds of indoor and outdoor marijuana seeds?

Harvesting time of indoor and outdoor marijuana will vary. Flowering period is also different. Do not be too excited in harvesting your pot buds. For every grower, it is essential that you know when the best time to harvest indoor/outdoor cannabis is. Wait for your marijuana to reach its optimum growth before you do harvesting of buds. Harvest time for indoor or outdoor marijuana seeds usually takes place from the first week of September until the last week of October, depending on the weed strain.

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