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Ice Weed

The appearance of the Ice marijuana strain is a sight to behold, it has a vast amount of frosty white trichomes covering each bud making each ng appear like a snowball if seen from a distance. This strain is neither an Indica dominant nor a Sativa dominant strain but rather a perfectly balanced strain of 50/50 proportion. It provides a cerebral high wherein your senses are elevated and focused attention prevails over the user. it has a relatively high THC which makes it a potent weed to deal with. The flavor of this marijuana will catch you off guard as it doesn’t seem to match its appearance. A strong diesel taste will greet your tastebuds with hints of hash and earthy berries. The fact that his strain is easy to grow will be a plus factor for those novice cultivators who want to hone their skills in cannabis growing.

What is Ice Weed?

Ice strain is a product of several years of hard work. This was developed by Nirvana seeds with a genetics lineage of Skunk #1, Afghani, and Northern Lights. Coming from a lineage of famous parents, Ice marijuana has a perfect blend of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. With THC levels reaching as high as 20%, the average THC content is at 18% who a CBD measurement of 0.5% to 1%. Ice strain will make you euphoric and incredibly happy at the onset. Taking a few puffs of ice will make the user quite sociable and talkative. This boost in energy is a great way to be productive at the same time feel relaxed. Ice marijuana strains if taken in moderation will be a perfect daytime smoke as the user will be able to interact and focus on his tasks at hand. Just be sure not to go over the recommended dosage especially if you are a beginner as the potent effects may tend to overwhelm you. For first-time users going over the recommended dosage, feelings of paranoia and anxiety may occur.

Ice Weed Growing Information

Ice strain is an easy to grow strain that could grow indoor or outdoor. But this strain will produce more if grown indoors as the ice strain prefers the Sea of Green grow method or hydroponics. This will result in a shorter flowering time with increased yields. These strains are perfect for novice growers as there is not much special care needed to keep this plant healthy and thriving. Just remember to provide it with a warm and sunny environment with humidity levels in the semi-humid range. This strain tends to grow tall so it is recommended to occasionally top it. Topping will also promote lateral growth of the branches where new buds can form. Occasional pruning of the lower leaves will also do wonders for this plant as removing the lower leaves will allow air to circulate within the plant and let light penetrate the insides of the plant helps in the faster development of the flowers located within the plant. By doing these simple care tips to Ice, expect to be rewarded with high yields from a healthy and productive stain.

Growing Info Indoor

Ice strain seeds, if properly germinated will adapt well to an indoor setting. The advantage of growing cannabis indoors is that the grower has the ability to control grow settings needed by the strain to be healthy and productive. Conditions such as providing a warm temperate setting, fixed schedules for light, and proper nutrition will aid these strains in growing dense and sticky buds ripe for harvesting. Since the s strain and a tendency to grow tall, be sure to have adequate ceiling space for this cannabis to grow otherwise constant topping of this plant will be a regular fare. Ice flowering time takes about 10 weeks and will yield 16 to 22 ounces of fresh bud per square meter.

Growing Info Outdoor

Growing the ice strain outdoors is also a good option as this strain tend to grow tall, and giving it the freedom to grow without any boundaries will make this plant thrive. Growing the plant outside will expose the plant to the natural elements of nature. The abundance of nutrients from the air, sun, and soil are there for the plant to absorb. Flowering time is also 10 weeks and this is usually by mid-October. yields will be lower than the indoor growth at 16 ounces of fresh bud per plant,

Medical Benefits of Ice Weed

A reason why cannabis s used as a medical marijuana option is that it helps n alleviating certain symptoms of health conditions. Although not backed by medical data, the alleviating properties of these strains have not stopped medical marijuana patients from opting to use this as an alternative option for treating their disorders. With a calming and euphoric high, Ice is used by these patients to relieve themselves from bouts of stress and depression. All feelings of negativity are set aside and overpowered by the mood upliftment and happiness this strain provides. a depressed and stressed patient usually finds it difficult to function and move on with his daily life due to the burdening weight brought about by chronic stress and depression. By relaxing both the body ad mind, Ice offers the patient to calmly accept his high and at the same time makes him euphoric, where he forgets all those cynical thoughts that keep him from moving on. This strain also offers the patient to be in a tranquil state with a relaxed body and mind and makes him have a blissful sleep which he deserves.

Ice Weed Effects, Taste, and Aroma

At the onset, the initial effect would be a profound feeling of euphoric bliss and a sudden jolt of energy that sends ripples throughout the user’s body. This jolt in energy will make the user want to immediately perform any task that he is supposed to do and try to finish it soonest as his focus is set on completing each task he is supposed to complete. These strains are also so popular that a lot of users consume this strain to boost their social skills. One tends to be so sociable and talkative. As this high goes on, the Indica effects start to kick in by relaxing the whole body, relieving the user of any stress and depressive thoughts that may linger in his mind. A feeling of total satisfaction overwhelms the user’s mind and body making it a “feel-good smoke”

Final Thoughts

The Ice strains have a predominantly Sativa effect if taken in moderation. It provides users with a boost in entry and a mood upliftment that would be a perfect way to get up and start your day. Plus the fact that these strains induce a sociable demeanor, being talkative and approaching anyone will be a normal thing to do. Ice also provides the user a chance to excel at his workplace as the boost I energy coupled with the focus this strain provides is a perfect combination for one to perform his tasks and complete them in no time at all. this is a relatively easy strain to grow and by providing it with the basic hybrid cannabis care, this plant will grow to be a healthy and productive weed. By giving this weed what it wants, cultivators will be rewarded with a high yield! so get those Ice seeds now and enjoy the benefits this weed strain can offer!

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