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How to Use a Weed Grinder: Step-by-Step Guide

As you would have speculated, a weed grinder is a necessary tool to break your cannabis into smaller pieces and would let you wrap it onto some blunt or rolling papers to acquire what are the contents under it. There are various approaches to granulate cannabis, yet using a weed grinder will accelerate the procedure in a simpler sense.

Weed grinders may not get a wide range of press, yet it is a basic device that no dedicated cannabis user ought to be without. As then, this paper will help you know the steps on how to use a weed grinder. This will then reveal to you the supportive ways to make you get the best of your cannabis through the initial hit of this process.

How to Use a Weed Grinder

The Process on How to Use a Weed Grinder

Regardless of the insightful materials that go on the journey they wanted to achieve, weed grinders incite you to a clear path and simple way on how to utilize the device well. In this paper, here are the following processes on how to use a weed grinder.

  • Expel the lid that is closing the grinder, and then equitably put the dry cannabis flower in the middle of the grinding bowl and the teeth. It is best if you use your fingers to tenderly break some buds that you primarily think that it’s big and may accommodate a lot of space.
  • You need to avoid putting your marijuana flower or buds on the edge part of your grinding bowl.
  • For about 5 to 10 times, either counterclockwise or in a clockwise direction, you must change the lid of your weed grinder until you may spot that the marijuana buds are at their peak consistency.
  1. If you are using a two-piece weed grinder, you may begin to have the idea that the weed is completely done or has arrived at a perfect size due to the grounding sound and the measurement of the rotation’s resistance.
  2. If you are using a four-piece weed grinder, you may need to keep rotating the weed grinder until every part of the weed has completely fallen through the entrance holes of your grinding bowl.
  • Next, open your weed grinder, and it gives you the newly ground weed. This time, you are currently ready to stack the ground weed into your vaporizer or pipe.
  1. If you are using a two-piece weed grinder, it will only go simple as you only need to take away the lid, and you will be easily given the ground weed sitting on the base of the chamber.
  2. If you are using a four-piece weed grinder, unscrewing some parts is needed in order to remove the weed that has fallen inside the weed’s grinder collection chamber.
  • After using your weed grinder, it’s best if you clean it after to not let any bacteria sit, or any types of elements that may stick on to your grinder that may cause harm to you. You can let it sit in alcohol and warm water, and then use a brush to clean the edges and the towel to dry it off.

Weed Grinder and Its Types

A device that has at least two compartments that can grind materials into pieces is also the core thing of what a weed grinder is. On its materials inside, the teeth are out of metal and are sharp and pointed which will grind any food to be put on it. Additionally, this is the best device to use when you want to grind your weed.

All types of weed grinders must have the least amount of components on its parts, and these should be the grinder chamber, pegs, or what we called teeth that is the material that will grind the weed, and of course, a lid that can keep the contents out from spilling.

Types of Weed Grinder

It doesn’t stop at the idea that a weed grinder must only have the components, as there are also types of it that you can choose on what to use in grinding for your weed. It comes in various colors, sizes, and even brands. However, this paper will only state the major types of weed grinders.

2-Piece Grinders

  • A two-piece grinder consists of a sole chamber that has a tiny bowl with the same shape and size as the hockey put, or perhaps it can be somewhat smaller. Henceforth, that is then called the single chamber.
  • This sort of weed grinder is known to be a two-piece grinder when you add the bowl and lid that it will result in two pieces together. It’s like a simple math equation where the basis is the pieces on what type or the correct name of what grinder it is.

3-Piece Grinders

  • Try to imagine a two-piece grinder with its fundamental components, a bowl, and the lid, then try to include another piece to be situated below on it. Be that as it may, that is now then the legend on what a three-piece weed grinder is.
  • Like a simple math equation, the first piece part is the lid that will cover the materials from spilling out. The second piece or part would be the grinding chamber that will grind the cannabis. Lastly, the third piece would be the base of the weed grinding chamber, where it has an opening intended for the ground or crush materials. Thus, this base would be the part where the buds will fall through.
  • In a simpler sense, Grinding Bowl + Collection Chamber + Lid = 2 Chambers and 3 Pieces.

4-Piece Grinders

  • In a four-piece weed grinder, there are three chambers that are put on the body of the grinder. It fundamentally brings you the weed grinder’s collection chamber that is together with a petite mesh screen instead of having a solid base. Underneath what we called the weed grinder’s collection chamber where it is the last bit of your ground cannabis or basically, it is called the chamber bound for the kief to sit in. 
  • Whenever you are in the process of grinding your weed, but there remains some part that has not been ground well, then it would fall onto that part, and you can go back to the part of grinding it again until you are satisfied with the result.
  • In a simpler sense, Collection Chamber (Collection Screen) + Lid + Kief Chamber + Grinding Bowl = 3 Chambers and 4 Pieces.

Additional Information on How to Use a Weed Grinder Well

  • It’s best if your weed grinder is an aluminum one, or you can choose the zinc grinder as long as you have the money to purchase it.
  • Buy a weed grinder that has a lot of openings or holes along with the number of teeth that are responsible for grinding.
  • Try not to pack all places of your grinding chamber as the resulting material won’t be as ground or as fine as you want.
  • Turn your weed grinder in an upside-down manner for some time to help some weeds stand out as it needs to be ground more.
  • You can place some clean coin within the weed grinder’s collection chamber, as this will let you thump the kief sitting on the screen of your weed grinder.


In case you are not familiar enough with the universe of cannabis, it is recommended that you need to ask for some assistance from people on what type of weed grinder that you can purchase. As then, you can now turn your whole agenda into grinding perfectly after reading this paper as this tackles how to use a weed grinder.

The energy of yours will be heightened from the moment you satisfied yourself on how fine and good your favorite cannabis has been a grind, and how the potency it has from the start kicks you so well. Do not settle on the feeling of contentment by buying the best grinder but on the moment where you’ve already acted the process on how to use a weed grinder in a perfect tone.

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