How to Use a Bubbler: Guide for Pipe Users

The outcome when you cross the bong with the pipe is a bubbler. A handheld bong is fundamentally the same as the bubbler pipe. This device has been infamous from the moment utilizing cannabis has started to boom in our industry. Consequently, you can say that this device is just one of the things that can help you in hyping up the contents of your cannabis.

If ever you have wanted to utilize a bubbler as the concepts about it excite you, then the next thing you would think of is how to use a bubbler.  As then, the need to acknowledge the essential principles and ways on how to correctly use it would now finally kick in.  

How to Use a Bubbler

Utilizing a bubbler bong is not difficult at all as the job falls on the easy part; however, it’s better if you comprehend what you are going to get yourself into and what are some of the anticipations you’ve wanted to manifest. On the off chance that you’ve only utilized a pipe or bong, utilizing a bubbler will sense into a relatively natural feeling. If the chance of doing it is on zero, then follow these simple steps on how to use a bubbler.

  • Clean and sifted water must be the type of water that you should use, and by this water, pack your bubble with this. The water chamber must be filled all over that it comes to a point where the base of the stem completely meets. 
  • Throughout filling the water, do not pack it too much as this will reduce the experience you’re going to gain. 
  • Your raw cannabis that is freshly ground must be put within the pack of your bubbler. It is best if you use your favorite cannabis, as this will help you encounter the best contents out of it.
  • On the off chance that the bubbler you’re using has a carb, you must hold that piece and spot your thumb within the opening hole of it. Make sure that you’ve placed it correctly and well.
  • Next, put your mouth on the top part where you can see the opening part of your bubble. Keep your mouth on that part and in that position before you go lighting the base of where your grind cannabis has been placed.
  • As you are now on the part of lighting your favorite cannabis, keep the finger you’ve used or your thumb within the carb of your bubbler. From the time you’ve started to pull the hit for a couple of seconds, hold up for about or over 10 seconds, and then expel your finger or thumb and lastly take a massive method of breathing it in.
  • If you pull the hit over a long time with your finger or thumb within the carb, the hit you will get will increase and increase in the sense that you are not accustomed enough to smoking in a longer and larger sense, then its best to stay on the safe line which is the small hit.
  • After the time you are clearing the smoke and starting to take the hit, you then need to pull whichever smoke has been left inside the bubbler, and it must be in a fast manner of inhalation.
  • At the point when you are already finished on utilizing the bubbler, make sure that you will dump the water well and clean it speedily by using salt and alcohol. You can likewise add some time before you started using it again.
  • Toss out any of the material of your cannabis that has been left out, especially the burnt cannabis. Lastly, you must keep it clean by wiping each part with a soft fabric.

The Benefits When Utilizing a Bubbler

  • As a matter of your likings, if the chance that you love utilizing a bong, then it can quickly turn you to like the things in which the bubbler can bring unto you. Additionally, a bubbler gives you a smooth and soft hit that is significantly agreeable as one of the best smoke.
  • A bubbler basically covers the easy usage of a standard glass pipe partnered with the smooth touch you can get from a bong.
  • If you are not familiar enough on how to utilize a bong, you can make bubbler as your result as this is durable, simple to deal with, and light to use.

The Downsides When Utilizing a Bubbler

  • Most likely, the greatest drawback that will occur when utilizing a bubbler is that it can’t be cleaned as easily as the bong can be. This is primarily because of the way that bubblers are out from strong bits of glasses that is hard to dismantle at all. Additionally, it needs your assistance to clean it as much as you can.
  • A bubbler cannot be customized according to your will, which then it differs the most when you’ve used a bong. The bong has the advantage of decking out the parts they have in the first place to be replaced or added with some new extra accessories. The bubblers are out of a single glass with not detachable parts; thus, there are no genuine methods to modify them.
  • In terms of burning cannabis, the bubbler is quicker than the bong, which is good but not at the same time. A smooth and speedy smoke is indeed great, but using bubbler won’t let you smoke in a group due to the fast-burning time.


Deliberately knowing how to use a bubbler will render you to the idea that this device is not difficult to deal with. In a general manner, you just need to start the work by filling it with water within the chamber one, and then add your loved cannabis and hit the fire to it to activate the smoke for you to inhale it. Your thumb will assist you on what time you can inhale it as it holds the carb and if you are ready to take the cannabis on you.

There are different types of bubbler that you can use, and bubblers are the type of tool that will infuse you the raw contents of cannabis by hitting you best and strong that you would surely like. As then, it leads you to the point of enjoying the device and the cannabis within the moment it had happened.