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How to Smoke Moon Rocks Like a Pro

Marijuana moon rocks are often referred to as the champagne of the weed world, and for a good reason. They are one of the most expensive and most potent weeds that you can get your hands on. They are made for cannabis connoisseurs who are looking for new ways to bring their weed experience to another level. In this article, we will try to understand more about this ultra-potent form of cannabis and how to smoke moon rocks like a pro.

What Are Moon Rocks?

As the name implies, you will enjoy a strong cerebral experience from these rocks that will make you feel like you are on an exciting adventure to the moon. The moon rocks are known for giving out a powerful multi-dimensional and otherworldly experience even for the experienced cannabis user. This type of weed is not recommended for beginners. While the history of how these rocks came to be is a bit fuzzy, they started to gain popularity in the early 1990s when they were introduced to the public by the legendary West-Coast rapper Kurupt, often touted as the father or moon rocks, and his partner, Dr. Zodiak. The original moon rocks that they had were called Kurupt Moonrock and nowadays, moonrocks come in several different shapes, sizes, flavor, and potency.

Moon rocks are nugs that are covered in a sticky concentrate, like hash oil or shatter, then coated in kief, which is made of trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes. The result is a sparkly nug of weed that looks like a rock and when smoked, produces smoke clouds that are big and full. Typically, these rocks cost over $30 a gram and clock in at least 50% THC content. To help put that into perspective, most buds by itself averages at only around 17% to 28% THC. With such a high concentration of THC, these little nugs are very cost-effective – a little bit can go a long way. The high of these rocks start cerebrally and eventually spreads down throughout your entire core and limbs. Within half an hour, you will be surprised to find yourself soaring to an entirely new level of high. Some people reported experiencing the effects even after more than 24 hours from initial consumption. Aside from its recreational value, these nugs are also great for medicinal cannabis patients who require a high dosage of THC for their ailment or condition. They also come with several adverse effects, including increased heart rate, paranoia, dry mouth, dry eyes, and extreme hunger, or the munchies.

With the increasing legal acceptance of marijuana across many of the states in the US, these rocks are now made available in several dispensaries. This is good news for many connoisseurs who tend to seek out for premium-quality moon rocks. Unfortunately, like most other things, some shady suppliers will hide low-quality nugs and oil under kief, affecting both the quality and potency of your expensive rocks. Thus, it is important to only purchase your rocks in reputable and trusted stores. The good news is that you can simply purchase the three ingredients that make up the moon rocks separately and create your own. This will help you make sure that not only will you get the bang for your buck, but that you will also get to enjoy quality moon rocks.

So, the question remains – How to Smoke Moon Rocks Like a Pro?

Now that we understand more about the moon rocks, including their potency and effects, it is time to learn how to smoke them like a pro. It is important that before deciding to try on these nugs, you’ll have to have enough experience smoking cannabis and you’ll have to be prepared for an intense high.

What You Will Need

  • 1 gram of Moon Rocks
  • 1 gram of marijuana flower
  • 1 straight razor
  • 1 glass piece
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 rolling tray

What You Will Need to Do

Before starting, it is crucial to stay hydrated as cottonmouth is real when it comes to moon rocks. Additionally, it is also important to have something in your stomach before smoking as this will help prevent you from feeling nauseous. It will also keep the munchies at a minimum level. Choose a place that is familiar and calming to you, where you can sit comfortably without any distractions and responsibilities. One puff of the moon rocks can derail your entire day that is why it is important that you have finished all of your tasks or you have no plans or activities lined up for that day.

  • Moon rocks are thick and greasy, which means you cannot treat them like you would with flowers. To break up the tough buds, do not use a grinder but instead break them up into four or five chunks using your fingers or using your straight razor.
  • Take your glass piece and load a normal bowl of flowers and spread your moon rock chunks on top of the flowers. Rolling up the sticky and greasy chunks by themselves will not stay lit long enough for you to enjoy the joint or blunt, thus the need to combine them with other flowers. To keep the mess at a minimum, you can use a bong, a glass pipe, a bubbler, or any other glassware.
  • Using your lighter, begin burning the top of the moon rocks slowly. Inhale as you apply the heat. Smoking them in the glass will let you en]joy the rocks without interruption. It is important not to touch the moon rocks during the process as they will burn you. As explained earlier, the sheer strength of moon rocks should not be underestimated. Regardless of your tolerance levels, it is important to start low and space out your hits.
  • If you are, however, a firm joint or blunt smoker, you can instead mix some of your moon rocks to your ground up cannabis to help make it smoke until the end while enhancing your entire experience.

Moon rocks are an absolute powerhouse of THC concentration. They are a ball of kief goodness that not only smells and tastes amazing but will also make you feel amazing. They are a combination of nugs, flower concentrates, and kief that will delight any cannabis connoisseur. If you are excited to try these highly-potent rocks, this article will help you learn to how to smoke moon rocks like a pro.

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