Definitive Guide on How to SCROG Your Marijuana Plants

In growing cannabis, there are some good and powerful techniques you should know. You have to make sure of choosing those strategies that you think work the best for you and your plants. 

Through this article, you will be able to know the ways on how to SCROG your marijuana plants. You might not be familiar with the scrogging method, but you will be able to know more about with the help of this article. After reading this, you will be able to have an idea about what scrogging is and how to do it. Let us start by knowing what the scrogging method is. 

What is a SCROG Method?

The screen of Green or Scrog is a method that would help you in growing your weed easily at the same time with lots of benefits. The main role of this method is to optimize the lighting by putting the buds in the lower part into the top of the canopy.

In other words, the role of scrogging is to put the buds evenly and by this, the natural patterns of the plant’s growth will change. It is an LST or also known as low-stress training wherein the aim of it is to maximize the lighting. 

How to SCROG Your Weed Plants? Step by Step

There are many reasons as to why you should scrog your marijuana plants. Aside from exposing your plants to the direct lighting and to increase the yields, it would also help in maximizing the flow of the air of a plant. Through this, it would help in preventing the bud to rot. It can be used as a support for your plant’s branches so they will not break when the buds will get big. Here are some steps on how to scrog your weed plants:

Set up

Prepare the plants you would like to use in this method. In choosing the plants, you have to choose those plants with similar sizes at the same time height. Take note that it would be very difficult to do the scrogging method for those plants with a variety of sizes. The level of the screen should be even with the canopy so that the lighting would be distributed in equal quantity. 

You have to remember that doing this method will be easier if you grow your plants in the same place, however, it would also be depending on the setup you have. There should also be times that you should touch your screen in making sure that the branches are even and it would avoid being very crowded. 

You can’t move your plants once you have put them under a screen, so you need to make sure that your plants are placed in the right place. In the transplanting process, you should get the exact size of the pot. 

Spacing and Placement of the Plant

Placement of the plants is very important, especially in avoiding having crowded plants. However, there should not be gaps that are big in a canopy. If you want space between the branches of the plants, you can have because it will fill in and it will still grow for 8 weeks before going into a flowering phase. 

If you have a tray with a size of 4’ x 8’, you can try to put for about eighteen or twenty-one plants inside of five pots. You should know the number of plants you should put in a pot. It would depend on the size of the pot or the tray. 

If the plants are already in place, folding the plant’s branches a bit would be helpful with their preparation for the screening method. You need to be mindful of doing this method because you might snap the weed’s branches. From the main stem, the branches should be folded out at the same time away just like the way you peel bananas. 

Screen Stretching

There should be four corners where you can place your plant’s screen and those will be your points. Some of the cannabis growers would put the T-post on every edge of the plant’s canopy. You can try one of the two ways of putting your screen. In stretching the screen, you can put a post in each of the screen’s corners. If you want the other way, you can place your screen on the points loosely and you can tighten it down after you have finished putting the screen. Make sure that the screen will be at the top of your marijuana plants. 

Remember to tie the screen tightly at the edge of it. The tightness of the screen helps hold a shape at the same time a weight of the buds that are still in the development stage. The points should equally be tightened, by that there will be no lopsided. You just have to make sure not to snap the plant’s branches. 

Branches Placement

You should now put 2 weed branches in a square and make sure the square is not empty. By doing it, you will be assured that your branches will get some light as well as space. If there is branching out, you have to stretch it and you have to pull the branch up through your screen and leave it there on your screen. 

You should start the monitoring of your plants in a scrog method at the corner. Then, you can do the same in the other corners before you do the work in the middle part of it. Putting the plant’s branches one by one will be very helpful in doing the scrog method. 

If you encounter some problems with a branch, you can try in rotating the whole plant by turning the pot. Make sure not to miss any of the plant’s branches. You can try checking at the lower part of the screen. 


This method will possibly stress out your plant because you need to stretch the branches of your plants in doing this method. You should not be worried if you notice changes in your plant’s appearance because can back to its normal appearance if there will be enough and direct lighting. 

After you have done the ways of scrogging, you still need to monitor your plants. You have to make sure of watering them within twenty-four hours of the scrogging method. Checking your scrog for about two to three days after the method is also a good idea. 


If you are aiming to get a good quality of weed at the same time good results and great yields, you can try the scrog method and get a good quality of seeds at outdoor cannabis seeds. You have to know the steps and the ways on how to scrog your weed plants so that you can do it without harming your cannabis. 

The stated above are some of the helpful steps you have to familiarize and understand, especially if you are interested in scrogging.