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How to Roll a Joint: Starter Kit for Weed Smokers

Cannabis joint is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, and it’s a good method to relish the flavors of the flower. Every cannabis smoker, whether it be a beginner or veteran, should know how to roll a joint. For me, smoking a cannabis joint is the easiest way to get high and also comes in handy for different kinds of situations.

For the most part, rolling a joint only requires you to have a few things. So, in this article, we’ll be teaching you the basics of rolling a joint and enjoying it all together.

How much Weed Should I put in my Joint?

When you are just new to cannabis, the ideal way to consume a joint is having half an ounce of weed combined with 1 ¼ sized of rolling papers. This is already a good amount of weed for a couple of people. Plus, starting your cannabis joint journey with small doses is the best idea.

For reference, most joints that are sold in your marijuana stores are a full gram; however – some cannabis joints come in a pack of 2 of half grams.

When you get the hang of rolling joints, you can easily move up to bigger sized cannabis joints and add a few grams to it. Bigger sized joints mean you get to enjoy it with people and for long use.

Step by Step Guide on How to Roll a Joint

To help you get started, we’ve prepared a simple and easy tutorial on how to roll a joint. When you follow these instructions, you’ll be rolling joints much faster and perfect in no time!

Materials needed:

  • Your cannabis strain of choice
  • Rolling papers
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Crutch

Step 1: Grind your Cannabis

The first part will always be grinding your cannabis into small bits, just like tobacco. To do this, let your cannabis dry first before grinding; in this way, they’ll break down easily and offers a nicer finish. Nicer finish means good quality smoke. In doing so, get your grinder and place your cannabis leaves onto the grinding chamber.

If you don’t have any cannabis grinder, you can ground the herb down by hand, scissors, or anything you can think of that can easily turn your cannabis leaves into bits.

Step 2: Making your Crutch

A crutch is like a filter to tobacco. You can make a crutch out of anything you can think of, from cardboard boxes, cartons, or any type of filters that you like. Almost all joint papers also include materials that are great for crutch making.

In doing your crutch, start with a few folds that resemble the filter of a cigarette, then roll the material according to how thick you want it. Although a crutch isn’t totally necessary, it does help prevent your mouth from getting all the leaves when inhaling. Also, a crutch stabilizes the entire joint that allows you to enjoy every bit of the smoke without burning your fingertips.

Step 3: Fill your Joint with the freshly-grinded Cannabis

Get your rolling papers and your grounded cannabis. Fill your rolling papers with the desired amount of cannabis along with your crutch. Once you have the right amount of cannabis inside your rolling paper, you can now begin to form and shape the joint according to your own liking.

Also, it is important to take note that rolling papers come in various forms and types. The most popular rolling papers are hemp papers, they are thin but strong, it also burns evenly giving you a better quality smoke in the process because it doesn’t affect the smoke.

Step 4: Pack your Joint

Once you have loaded your rolling papers with all the cannabis and shaped them, it’s the right time to roll it. Pinch the rolling papers between your fingers and roll it back and forth. This is to pack the cannabis joint into its final shape. This should already take the form of a traditional tobacco cigarette

Step 5: Roll your Joint

For me, this is the most important part of rolling a joint. It is because it can affect the overall quality of your joint. In doing so, tuck the unglued side of the paper and into the roll until it reaches the glued side. Apply a little bit of moisture onto the glued side so that the paper sticks with one another.

Tip: During this step, it is ideal to start at the crutch to guide the rolling papers around it. Once the rolling papers are tucked down on one end, seal the joint by working your way through the seam.

Step 6: Finishing your Joint

Finally, compress the tip of the joint to help ensure that it burns evenly. The best way to compress the tip of the joint is to get the excess rolling papers at the tip and carefully twisting it. This is the first part where it gets burned. So, be sure to twist it carefully, or else you may rip it open if you put too much force.

Step 7: Enjoy your Joint!

Now you can taste your hard work! The best part about rolling a joint is it can be shared with everyone. So, whenever you plan on rolling a joint, keep some company to give you a better experience when all of you get high! And that’s how to roll a joint! Pretty quick and easy, right? 


Whether you are new or not, knowing how to roll a joint is a must for cannabis smokers. This is the most important stage of your cannabis journey, almost all people go through with rolling a joint, and I don’t see why aren’t you indulging in.

Smoking a joint will hit you hard and fast, so ensure yourself that you are prepared to endure any heavy beating! Most of all, cannabis is best used with friends and family to have a great overall experience. Lastly, start small and slow, or else you’ll end up in your bed in a matter of seconds!

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