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How to roll a blunt

When you roll a blunt into an almost perfect cylindrical shape, without using any rolling tool, that is called pearling a blunt. It is unfortunate however that not all blunt wraps are made to perfection, depending on your wrap at hand, there may be some adjustments to rolling that perfect blunt! It will take a lot of practice to master the art of rolling a perfect blunt.

But before we go deep into blunt rolling, let us know more about that stuff we will all be smoking. You may know it as a weed that gets you high, but did you know that it has some medical properties beneficial to us? And did you also know that weed is safer to consume than alcohol? read on and learn!

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Nowadays, marijuana use is being considered as a medicinal option in the cultural and legal context. Many states in the US have already legalized either medicinal or recreational marijuana use, some states have legalized both recreational and medicinal cannabis use. Due to its ability to stimulate the mental state of the user, a euphoric and uplifting high, cannabis is used to treat anxiety, stress, depression, and even PTSD. On the physical side, a deeply relaxing, and calming feeling will ease and soothe the users’ pain-related disorders such as headaches, joint pains, muscle spasms, arthritis, and backaches. It cannot be denied that marijuana has the potential to ease some disorders be it mental or physical. it is just a matter of acceptance of the fact that they do help to assist in the treatment of these identified illnesses.

Why Cannabis? Why not Alcohol?

There has been no incident where cannabis toxicity is the cause of death of an individual. Although there may be cannabis-related deaths, it is more because of the individual’s inability to control his high and may suffer an injury which may lead to a fatal incident. Alcohol on the other hand has several toxicity-related deaths. It has been reported that about 7 individuals die every day due to alcohol toxicity. Alcohol, if taken excessively, will cause liver problems which may eventually lead to cancer. In a recent scientific study on drugs (yes, alcohol is considered a drug scientifically) alcohol ranks number one as the most toxic of all drugs, topping even heroin and other noted narcotic drugs, while marijuana ranks last in the list of most toxic drugs. Alcohol is 114 more toxic than marijuana.

So now you know the facts, let us move on to rolling that blunt and enjoying weed more!!!

What is blunt?

A blunt is a cigar like joint. It is way bigger and fatter than a normal joint. it is an emptied cigar casing with cannabis filled inside it. It does not look like that iconic joint we are used to seeing but it deserves to have its place in the cannabis world’s cultural heritage.

There are cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy that mix of cannabis with the pure tobacco wrap, while there are others who fancy the cannabis mixed with hose flavored blunt wraps. Rolling a blunt is not as easy as rolling a regular joint using that regular rolling papers. we will try to guide you in the art of blunt rolling and hopefully convince you to enjoy cannabis as the safer way to get intoxicated!

Advantages of smoking a blunt

It’s either you love blunts or hate them. Some people complain about blunts having that mi of tobacco which makes for a harsh smoke. On the other hand, people to roll a blunt because of the added flavor it gives with using either a nice cigar wrap or using a flavored blunt. Plus, the blunt will burn slowly, making it last longer when you’re enjoying it with your group. Lastly, a lot of cannabis users love rolling a blunt and sharing it because the tobacco in it gives that added buzz.

Materials needed for rolling a blunt

To roll a perfect blunt is very satisfying, but it will take a lot of practice before you could say that you can roll a blunt with ease. Is it any different than rolling a joint? Yes sir, We will teach you how to roll a blunt. You may start by gathering the supplies needed to roll a blunt, these are the following:

  • Start by choosing the cannabis strain of your choice
  • get a cigar, cigarillo, or a blunt wrap (flavored, if it pleases you)
  • Make sure to have a Grinder and blade to grind that cannabis into manageable bits, especially if you are new on how to roll a blunt.

Beginners must choose which wrap will they prefer, a harsh but pleasing smoke or a flavored wrap of their voice. Any cigar or a cigarillo will be fine as long as the tobacco wrapping the cigar or cigarillo has not completely dried out. Once this has completely dried out it will make wrapping your blunt difficult and sometimes it may even break as at this point they are fragile. It easy to find blunt wraps nowadays, there are available almost anywhere and they usually look like huge rolling paper made from tobacco.

How much Marijuana is needed to make a blunt?

Blunts are way bigger than a normal joint so will be needing much more than what you are used to. Approximately 1 to 2 grams will be just about right for one blunt. But if you chose a huge cigar to make your blunt, then you will be needing more. Take into consideration too the number of people you will be sharing the blunt with.

6 Steps to Rolling a Blunt

Here is an easy step by step guide on How to roll a blunt.

Grind your weed

Make sure you break down your marijuana into little bits (some call it “shake”). use a grinder if you are a beginner, it is much easier, leave the hand shredding to the experts. By using a grinder, the weed “shreds will be uniformly ground, thus giving you an even burn when the blunt is lit and will make for a slower, enjoyable burn. This is Step 1 of how to roll a blunt.

Preparing the blunt wrap

Step 2 of “how to roll a blunt”. As mentioned above, you will be needing a blunt or tobacco wrap. Some traditional weed smokers will empty a cigarillo and use it for their wrap. Some people will cut open the cigarillo and empty its contents, or even just split open the cigarillo to remove the tobacco inside. But nowadays, blunt wraps are everywhere, so you could just pick up one at your nearest corner store.

Wetting the blunt wraps

This 3rd step just means simply keeping your blunt wraps moistened. This will make your wrap easier to work with and will make it more flexible for easier shaping of the blunt. Traditionally, saliva is used by the roller but if this is for someone else or if this will be shared with a group, it might be wiser to use your fingertip and applying some tap water to the wrap. This is more hygienic and sanitary. We don’t want other people sharing the blunt you rolled having a taste of that saliva.

Filling up the blunt

Step 4 of how to roll a blunt involves placing your wrap on a flat surface and putting those ground up weed to fill it up. About 1 to 2 grams will be appropriate for one blunt, but consider adding more, if this blunt will be shared with your group of friends.

Rolling it up

Step 5 of how to roll a blunt involves rolling the sound cannabis between your fingers. This back and forth motion will pack the blunt evenly. Just remember the third step, to moisten the wrap as a dry wrap will have a tendency to crack as a dried out wrap is pretty brittle. Once the blunt has been shaped and full, wet the inside of the wrap from one end to the other as you will be sealing your blunt this time, Use the finger to smoothen out any rough spots. you are now just more step sway from your first roll!

Bake the blunt and enjoy!

Step 6 ad the last one on how to roll a blunt is baking your blunt. “Baking” the blunt means having to dry out the wet part (the sealed portion of the blunt). This is done by having a lighter run through the entire length of the blunt. Be careful to keep the lighter moving and not let it stay too long in one place, otherwise, you will be ending up with a burnt side. You want the heat to seal and dry the blunt, not the flame to do this. By “baking” your blunt, you are actually sealing it and this promotes an even burn. Let it sit a bit and you are now ready to enjoy this first blunt that you have rolled!!!

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