Simple Guide on How to Roll a Blunt

With the arising amount of cannabis users and countries and their states allowing medical marijuana and even recreational use, some consumers are innovative. As a result, newbie users can now seek fresh ways of letting Marijuana in their system. They can ingest it through edibles, smoking, and other forms of products.

But, one of the most prominent methods is undoubtedly the inhaling process. Aside from the material’s convenience, the ways of making one are a lot more natural than others. With that, we gathered enough guidance to show you how to roll a blunt. Beginner or not, it’s no fun to know what the conventional ways of ingesting Marijuana are. Read more to find out the basics and add your ideas, too. 

Defining Blunt

For better understanding, blunt is synonymous with cigars. To simplify, it is a cigar with empty contents. Meaning, there is no grounded tobacco inside. Instead, it is filled with crushed cannabis. Compared to joint, Blunt is less than iconic. Still, the cultural impact of the smoking method is remarkable in some places.

  • Blunts, equated to Cigars, is usually more addictive because it contains additional grounded pieces of cannabis. The reason why it is comparable to Cigars is because of the size difference. Note that blunt is bigger than cigars. Based on findings, an entire single blunt is equal to six joints.
  • Since you will be using cigar wrappers in constructing a blunt, you should know that it is massively toxic. Despite eliminating the Tobacco remains, other toxins are still intact within the wrapper’s compound. Besides that, cigar wrapper’s porous features will result in lesser burns and higher concentrations of poisonous contaminants.
  • As connected to the previous truth, you will inevitably inhale a mouthful of toxins. After all, every smoke brings harm to any healthy person’s health. Marijuana and Tobacco are on the same page with that, but weed is more dangerous when inhaling due to a longer duration of unfiltered smoke’s presence.

On the other hand, recreational users love the mentioned smoking method amid harsh components that could reach their lungs. To them, the more potent, the better. Thus, making them enumerate the advantageous side of it with the following:

  • Heightened Effects.
  • Flavorful and aromatic.
  • Portable and easy to make.
  • A real slow burner for better enjoyment.

Regardless, rolling a blunt includes facing issues and challenges, mainly if you belong in the perfectionist category. To provide resolution, we are giving off simple guides on how to roll a blunt. 

How to Roll a Blunt?

Before anything else, the amount of weed you will be pouring to your blunt should depend on your experience. The size of your blunt is not a matter of preference, but a matter of tolerance. So, if you think you can only take much, then you should do that.

For the necessary materials, it is crucial to be aware of the alternatives as much as possible. Not every equipment will be available in your kitchen aisle, so it’s a must that you know other ways to do methods that will require things that you do not have. 

Choice of Cannabis Strain

Like the portion of grounded weed, the cannabis strain choice should be based on your professional level. It’s quite alright if you can only take the mild ones, rather than go hardcore instantly.

Blunt Wrapper

The blunt wrapper may vary, depending on your preferred flavor. Usually, the flavored ones are the most highly sought-after. But, to extremely-experienced smokers, a cigar wrapper is enough.

Also, the wrapper mustn’t be in a dry state. Otherwise, it might break sooner than expected or could be different to roll.

Weed Grinder

Admittedly, not everyone will have a weed grinder inside the comforts of their homes. To resolve this needed material, you should seek alternatives and find new ways to crush cannabis.

After determining the right equipment, set it up and have it ready once you decide to proceed to the steps. The following are the step by step procedure, where you could improvise a technique of your own. But commoners know that the steps listed are the typical ones.

Grinding the chosen Cannabis

This part is where you will need the weed grinder for or any alternative you could come up with at the moment. Using your hands would be ideal for helping you manipulate the Cannabis on how grounded it should look.

Prepare the Blunt Wrapper

For your chosen blunt Wrapper, you can always buy empty ones in stores. But, connoisseurs and other professional users would usually empty a cigarillo and use the Wrapper for blunt. One of the most popular cigarilloes is the Phillies.

If you prefer to follow the experts, you will need a blade the cut the Wrapper in a lengthwise manner. You can also cut it through your hands. Either way, the result should be the same.

Add a little moist to your Wrapper

Wetting your blunt Wrapper will help you gain more access to shaping it up or seal small tears. To do so, you will need to put your fingertip in any water and pat the Wrapper to wet it. However, if you are the only one using the blunt, saliva will do.

Insert the grounded Marijuana

Once done with the moisturizing part, head out to the filling process. In this method, you will only need to put the grounded weeds in the blunt Wrapper. A gram or two is the standard portion. Meanwhile, people who are into group smoking typically fill the cigar more than the standard size. 

Roll the Cannabis for the Finale

Using your fingers, roll the pack of blunt in an even way. This part is where the wetting tip should benefit. If you failed to apply moist enough, there are chances that the Wrapper could break. 

When done, pack and shape your blunt in the way you want them to look. For any wrinkles, smooth it out with your fingers as well. Any tearing should be resolvable by an adhesive found in rolling paper.

Bake and Smoke

After a successful and careful method of rolling a blunt, you should be able to bake and smoke it immediately. Baking refers to sealing the Wrapper altogether to ensure an even burn. When doing so, use a lighter and run it lengthwise around the blunt. Do not let it too close to it, though. Then, you’re done.

The simple guidelines available in the article should widen your knowledge on how to roll a blunt. If you find some methods to be dangerous, unnecessary, or replaceable, you can construct your steps. But, always remember that smoking blunt should only be once in a while activity to avoid facing its harmful yields mentioned in the first place.