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How to Rehydrate Your Weed: Useful Hacks for Growers

Growers give away much effort and time to plant their precious cannabis just so they can get the yield and quality of the buds that they desire to harvest. From the day they implanted the seed into the soil, cannabis growers got their hands full and busy with taking care of everything. So, learning how to rehydrate your weed is one important lesson that you should know.

The sad thing is, after harvesting all the buds and got the amount of yield that they wanted, they just leave the newly-harvested buds to dry on its own. What happens to those left in the storage? Some of them become ready for consumption, while some of them become dry and brittle.

Dried Cannabis Buds and Their Effects

Drying your buds is a process that every cannabis smokers love to do for their stash, joint, and blunts. Dried cannabis is the best-tasting and smell of all. That’s why stoners never miss performing this to their beloved buds. It gives them such a wonderful smoking experience in getting high and alive.

Drying of cannabis can take a long time and process to fully achieve the result you want. The smoke that one produces from a well-dried cannabis bud is so much different than when they are using fresh ones. This is because the process of heating cannabis under a dry and warm temperature helps the process called “decarboxylation” to be completed faster. Through such a process, the non-sedating property of marijuana, which is THCA, becomes transformed into their famous psychoactive element, which is THC. 

Useful Tips to Dry Cannabis Buds

If you are very much excited about getting your buds dried and ready for your indulgence, there are a few effective steps you can try to make sure that you are doing the right process. Below are three of the most convenient way to do it. Read and find out more.

  1. Always take time to wait for the right time to end the process. Never rush on this so you can have the perfect potency of your chosen cannabis bud.
  2. Go for the best flower to be your end product.
  3. Apply only the proven and tested methods on how to dry your cannabis buds.

On the other hand, some cannabis growers, especially beginners, tend to make one big mistake in doing the drying process, which is the act of doing the process quickly and without letting the buds dry enough.

It’s understandable, though, to know that waiting has become a difficult task to do, particularly if you’ve waited for too long already just like in the case of cannabis growers who had more than five weeks waiting time depending on the strain. However, speeding things up does not help in making it the most delightful bud they can ever smoke. It tests your patience, but later it shall reward those who were able to wait with the gift of potency, wonderful odor, and good taste.

Steps in Drying Cannabis Buds

The process is very easy to do if you think of it as your only way to get better weeds for your next smoking sessions. However, knowing how to do it properly is still advisable than to just make wild guesses. So, to help you out on that, we give you the specific steps that you must follow for a successful cannabis drying process.

Step 1 – trim the freshly-harvested buds lightly. Separate the five-finger leaves from the other leaves using specialized scissors for trimming.

Step 2 – inside a dark room, leave the buds hanging upside down for 3 to 7 days. Some do it for five days only so as not to collect a very dried set of buds. Use some regular hanger or any simple ones to hang your buds in your shower or other rooms.

– The room temperature should be at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 23 degrees Celsius. 

– Make equal distances between each branch that you will hang so there will be enough air for all of those buds in the room.

– Test the buds if they are already crispy and easy to break to check if they are dry enough. Touch them gently when testing so you will not damage the buds.

– Over-dry cannabis buds taste better and more aromatic than under-dry, which becomes moldy after some time.

Step 3 – remove the buds from the stems and also trim the remaining parts except for the flowers. 

Step 4 – put the buds into a vacuum-sealed jar and not just some zip-lock or other alternatives for storing. Such kind of container is the only recommended one for best results. However, it is also important that you leave a little space open for the green herbs inside to have some air.

How to Rehydrate Weed

Now the only question left unanswered is what to do with cannabis that had been left to dry for too long? Rehydrate them! That’s the answer. But how do you go on with the rehydration process? It’s simple. Continue to read to know the answer.

While for some smokers, having over-dried cannabis buds is fine, the majority would want it to be just properly dried. No worries because there are life hacks that can save you from that. For growers who forgot to collect their buds hanging inside the darkroom for a longer period and for those who bought some buds in the market but have let them exposed for a little longer than required, getting over-dried cannabis buds is a normal thing.

Learn some of the useful and very effective like a magic trick tips on how to rehydrate weed easily through the information indicated below.

Method #1: Use lettuce

The specific type of lettuce that works great for over-dried cannabis buds is the iceberg lettuce. It has a large amount of moisture, so it shall be a good source of moisture to take away the over-dryness of the buds. Place the buds together with some of the iceberg lettuce leaves inside a jar and wait for a few days before consuming it.

Method #2: Use orange peels

Just like what you did with the iceberg lettuce, use some orange peel to put inside a container together with your buds and wait for a few days, too. Weed lovers who are not fond of the taste of citrus flavors must avoid this method because you will end up having buds that are orangey in flavor and smell.

Method #3: Use wet cotton balls

Use a foil to cover the wet cotton balls. Put small holes into the foil to let some air in. Then, place the foil with the wet cotton balls inside next to the over-dried buds. Observe and see how this method works wonders for your precious buds.

Method #4: Use fresh bud mix

Look for a plant that has fresh buds containing much moisture and place it also inside the jar with the bud. The buds’ smell shall remain the same, so it’s perfect for any kind of stoner.

Method #5: Use a very small sponge

Wash and keep a small sponge wet, put it into a container with the cannabis buds. The right level of moisture has to be maintained, too.

Final Thoughts

How to rehydrate weed is a very easy task to do. As long as you have the knowledge or if you’ve read this article about over-dried cannabis, you should be fine. Just follow strictly the steps mentioned and never to skip a day without putting into practice all of the new knowledge you have acquired for a successful rehydration process. No cannabis bud deserves to be thrown away just like that, especially if it is from your harvest, which took you many weeks before you were able to finish. Every bud counts, so don’t waste anything and do everything you can to save them, for your happiness and enjoyment always.

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