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How to store cannabis seeds

How to Properly Store Marijuana Seeds

After successfully harvesting seeds from your cannabis plants, you will ask yourself how to store cannabis seeds properly? You may wonder why you bother creating your seeds when you can easily purchase them online. However, there are numerous benefits to growing your seeds:

Cost savings: The price of seeds, especially for high-quality marijuana strains, has been rising significantly. If you repeatedly purchase seeds every time you start a new batch, you will spend a considerable amount of money. By cultivating your seeds, you can avoid these recurring expenses.

Preserving quality: By growing your seeds, you can ensure seed quality and strain integrity preservation. Taking charge of the cultivation process guarantees you access to top-quality seeds for years.

Organic cultivation: When you purchase seeds from external sources, it’s difficult to know how they were grown and harvested. By growing your own seeds, you control the cultivation process and can ensure the absence of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides that could harm consumers. You can opt for organic methods and sustainable materials to cultivate your seeds.

Additional income: Once you have mastered the art of seed cultivation, it opens up opportunities for additional income. Having confidence in your expertise, you can consider growing seeds for personal use and profit. You can sell your seeds online or share them as gifts with friends, expanding your income potential.

Storing Marijuana Seeds After Harvest

Storing cannabis seeds carefully in dark and dry conditions can maintain their viability for up to ten years. There are various methods for seed storage, but the most effective one should possess resistance against both light exposure and moisture accumulation.

To ensure proper storage, you may utilize a small container with a resalable or screwable lid, preferably opaque or dark in color. Place a few rice grains inside the container before sealing them tightly for moisture prevention. Alternatively, you can opt for a zip lock bag or a resalable bag as storage options. To control moisture, consider adding rice grains or small desiccant bags within the resealable bags.

Freezing Marijuana Seeds

Extend the viability of your seeds by storing them in a refrigerator or freezer. These household appliances offer numerous advantages as storage facilities for your seeds. Refrigerators and freezers are widely accessible in most homes, providing convenient storage options. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature of your refrigerator to match the ideal storing temperature for your seeds. With the ample space available, refrigerators and freezers can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of seeds for future cultivation, ensuring their freshness and viability for years.

However, it’s important to be mindful of potential risks when using a refrigerator or freezer for seed storage. Moisture accumulation can be a concern, and the light inside the refrigerator may trigger seed germination. To mitigate these issues, employ rice or desiccant inside the seed container or plastic bag, and wrap the container with newspaper to block any light infiltration. After wrapping, place the container in the coldest and darkest section of your refrigerator or freezer. Remember to label the container with the freezing date and the strain type for easy identification.

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