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How to Make Rosin at Home

Do you have any idea what to do with Cannabis flowers, hash, or kief? You can make them into wax called rosin. It is done by the process of hydrocarbon extraction. It’s different from sap or shatter because of the absence of residual solvents. Rosin dabs will not expose you to safety issues as it won’t require butane.

The preceding statement may have caught your attention. You suddenly get interested in the steps on how to make rosin. It can be done at home in just a short time. 

You will be surprised with easy steps that can be accomplished by using basic tools that you find inside your house. It’s so simple that you may become a rosin artist if you put your heart on it.

Reasons to Try Making Rosin at Home

Rosin filled with THC and void of solvent. The average buds contain 15% to 25% of THC, but it’s nothing to more powerful rosin. Just a small dab will give you effects that you can’t just ignore.

To get an intense experience, you can use rosin in various ways, such as using a vaporizer, bowl, or joint. You can make it using any strain that you prefer. Aside from THC, you can also get more CBD from Indica varieties.

It’s easy to make by pressing. You don’t need to go to a laboratory. A hair straightener can do this job. You also have the option to get a rosin press. The use of these two tools will be shown to you. You can decide which one works best for you. 

Two Ways on How to Make Rosin

1. Using a Rosin Press

  • Aside from the rosin press and your flowers, hash, or kief, the materials that you need are parchment paper, a collection tool, and a filter bag or micron filter bag. 
  • Filter bags are optional if you use flowers. They keep the bud in place while pressing is done to secrete the oil. Micron filter bags are suitable for hash and kief.
  • Filter bags are available in different sizes. They are measured in micron rating number or short for ‘um.’ They range from 25 um to 220 um. You can choose the size that suits you.
  • If you have flowers, you may need 120 – 220 um. In the case of kief or dry sift, use a filter bag that is around 45 um to 90 um. If you use hash, 25 um to 45 um is fine. Don’t overstuff the bag as it might blow out. Leaving a space will prevent unnecessary heat and pressure.
  • The next step is putting your concentrate under heat. You have to test a small amount first. Then press it for 15 to 60 seconds within 170 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • There are no definite rules on the temperature, but you can practice some recommendations. Flowers need to be in 180 degrees to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Kief should be with 180 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit while hash is for 150 degrees to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The pressing part is the fun part of this process. Place the filter bag between the parchment paper. Then put them together on the plate of the rosin press. You can do the pressing twice or thrice. But every pressing needs a new piece of parchment paper so you can maintain the quality of the rosin.
  • Let it cool down before you gather the rosin. You can do it by using a dabbing tool made in titanium. It can be done over a silicon mat, so sticking won’t take place. Maneuver the dabbing tool in a circular motion as if you’re making a snowball.
  • You can come up with buttery o waxy rosin. Strains produce various consistencies. Using silicon containers is the best way to store them. You have to ensure that it’s airtight.

2. Rosin from Hair Straightener

  • If you want to skip rosin press, a hair straightener would also help you through on how to make rosin. But choose the one that has enough space as you need to flatten your rosin and a good deal of energy. The best part about it is the adjustable setting of temperature to avoid the burned result.
  • You will need the same materials that are mentioned above. Before you get started making your resin, put on protective glass in case of the possibility of getting burned. You can use a filter bag or not if you intend to use marijuana buds. Rosin extraction bags are suitable for hash and kief. Then wrap it with parchment paper. 
  • Turn on your hair straightener on the lowest temperature first. 280 degrees to 330 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. You can place your concentrate enveloped in parchment paper when the tool is hot.
  • Press it for three to seven seconds, and you’ll hear sizzles, which means your rosin is being processed. You can do it a couple of times to get more extractions. Once you think you get all the possible extracts, use the dabbing tool to collect. Place it in a small container like a lip balm bottle for storage.

Some Drawbacks When Making Rosin

Rosin is at its best when consumed fresh. You can let it cool down first. Cannabis concentrates can retain the cannabinoids and terpenes. But rosin is an exemption as it can easily go stale. You have to place it in a cool environment to avoid degradation.

To avoid unwanted circumstances, make an amount of rosin that you can consume the right way. Excess is something that you need to store.

We can’t blame beginners who want to make rosin to settle for hair a straightener. It’s easy, inexpensive, and with the aid of tools you’ve already had at home. As long as it functions, you can make rosin any time. 

A hair straightener is ideal for testing. But if you want to make rosin often, you may choose to upgrade for a rosin press. There’s also a press that is designed for beginners. The decision is up to you.


There’s no doubt that the procedures on how to make rosin are quite easy. The other advantage is that you can choose from buds, kief, or hash when you make concentrate. Then you can either vape, dab, or even add it to weed. Learn and consume it in the comfort of your home.

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