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How to Make Cannabis Oil For Vape Pens 101

Cannabis oil for e-cigarettes or vape pens and other transportable vaporizers has been an extremely well-known consumption technique for more than two years. But a common question has been raised by many, “How to make cannabis oil for vape pens?” A lot have said that making your cannabis oil for vape pens is always pleasurable and fascinating.  So are you wondering how to make cannabis oil for vape pens? If yes, kindly go over this post and scrutinize the details as we have placed all the fundamentals on how to make your cannabis oil for vape pens. 

The Materials Needed

When it comes to the tools that you will require making your cannabis oil for vape pens will vary on the particular technique that you are going to apply. When you make an easy search, you will see many dissimilar methods, which you can utilize wherein all of them seem to prosper. In general, the three main steps to make cannabis oil for vape pens are:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (Long-term)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (Short-term)
  • Rosin Extraction

With these steps, we will only go through the steps of Rosin Extraction because when it comes to clarity, welfare, vigor, and overall standard, the suggested technique to utilize is the Rosin Extraction.

Rosin Extraction Technique

As mentioned above, this is the technique we are going to discuss because aside from it is a recommendable technique to use on how to make cannabis oil for vape pens, it has as well the most favorable quality, vigorous, most flavorful, and the safest since it does not utilize any diluting medium. Additionally, it is faster compared to the other two techniques and you can utilize ready-made cannabis concentrates like shatter and BHO wax when you do not have the materials to squeeze your rosin.

When you do not wish to begin from unprocessed nuggets and squeeze your rosin, you will likely have to buy some exceptional commodities, which you are improbable to already have.

Tools Needed:

  • Some parched plants (have to be heavy nuggets)
  • Hair straightener
  • Parchment paper
  • Small glass vial for blending
  • 1 gram bottle of terpene solution
  • Lighter
  • Vape pen cartridge syringe (for placing the cannabis oil to the vape pen)
  • Whipping wand
  • Dropper bottle (for putting the terpene solution to the vial)

Fundamentally, this technique necessitates utilizing a hair straightener to squeeze rosin from an unprocessed cannabis nugget, gathering the rosin from the parchment paper, putting on a few drips of the terpene solution, and warming it up to blend it. A little difficult when you have not accomplished this before, however, as mentioned, the vigorous, most favorable standard, and most flavorful of the three dissimilar techniques.


  1. Choose a better and heavy nugget to utilize for squeezing out the resin. This is an important step because it is peremptory, which the nugget be heavy and closely and firmly packed with nearly no seeds or stalks. To attain sufficient cannabis oil to utilize in your vape pen, you will likely require stopping utilizing 3 grams of garden-fresh shoots. Either step, your objective is to have around 0.4 to 0.6 grams of rosin. You will likely have to squeeze various dissimilar shoots individually to achieve this much.
  2. When you have your thickly packed and high-standard nuggets, prepare your hair straightener. A good heat to squeeze rosin from nuggets is around 121 to 137 degrees Celsius, so when you know the heat of your hair straightener, you can adapt appropriately. When the lowest level of setting is a loftier heat compared to this, you can allow it to become hot, then disconnect it and allow it to sit for a few seconds to cool down and endeavor as well as to achieve that 121 to 137 degrees Celsius level. 
  3. Place the nugget on a great-sized portion of parchment paper and double up the paper on the top so the nugget is inserted between. Then, when the hair straightener is up to the heat, place the rosin paper in it and squeeze down with a great force as you can for a few seconds, be cautious not to burn the nugget and the paper. When already completed, you will be deserted with a small number of resins on the parchment paper, which you can veer away later on.
  4. Do steps 2 and 3 again with garden-fresh nuggets and garden-fresh parchment paper up until you have to achieve around 3 grams of parched herb. As mentioned, you will require not less than around 0.4 grams of rosin to have a proper amount of cannabis oil for vaping. 
  5. When you have achieved around 3 grams of shoots squeezed to rosin, you will require gathering the rosin off the parchment paper. It is great when you stick it in the freezer for one to two minutes because this assists it to peel off the paper simpler. Besides, do not tap it with your hands, as we will utilize the ball end of the metal patting wand to somehow roll it off the paper like a single huge ball.
  6. When you have around 0.4 to 0.6 grams of rosin gathered, place everything to your small glass vial.
  7. Next, utilize a dripper bottle to put on 8 drips of the terpene solution to the vial.
  8. When you have the rosin and the terpene solution in the vial as one, utilize the lighter to quickly warm the glass, only until the oil begins to bubble, which may take around 3 to 4 seconds. Be very cautious in this step because when you allow the solution to become too hot, you will burn off every terpene and damage the taste of the cannabis oil.
  9. Instantly after the solution begins bubbling, utilize your thin metal dab wand or blending wand to blend it up rigorously. Then, utilize your syringe to engulf the oil out and put it on to your vape pen.
  10. You are set to go. When all the steps will be completed properly, you must be deserted with a small amount of cannabis oil for vape pens, which is vigor, safe, and extra smooth in flavor.


One thing that needs to have emphasized is the significance of heat in every step. In the time the directions themselves may somehow easy and direct enough, you have to give your attention to heat to assure that you do not burn your cannabis oil or char the vital cannabinoids as well as terpenes, which exist. When you do, you will have an unpleasant and futile cannabis concentrate oil, which will not vape well and will not provide any results.

For the most effective decarboxylation, cannabis must be bared to temperatures around 105 to 138 degrees Celsius for 30 to 60 minutes. When you go over 149 degrees Celsius, the chemical configuration of the two cannabinoids and the terpenes start to split down wherein you will be deserted with a futile and unpleasant flavor of cannabis oil.

The Final Thoughts

With the guide provided above, it can be said that the simplest-to-follow cannabis oil for vape pens is not merely a cakewalk, particularly when you are making it for the first time. However, with several people who desired to understand how to make cannabis oil for vape pens, they can solely follow the steps here, and hopefully, you will find this write-up useful. 

Also, with any type of pure cannabis oil for vape pens, you will have, there is a possibility that it will be secured and healthier for you if utilized in a vape oil pen compared to those you can buy in smoke stores as they have nicotine pre-filled cartridges. However, it is still advisable to go to weed dispensaries where you can purchase cannabis oil for vape pens.

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