How to Make a Water Bottle Bong: Creative DIY Ideas

You don’t have to buy papers from time to time if you have a bong. The good thing is that you can make it on your own without buying one. There is some time that you have weed on hand, but you can’t find ways to use it. You may also feel bored with just rolling paper. With these things into consideration, you may want to know how to make a water bottle bong

It’s time to activate your creativity so you can have some necessary and cool tools to go with your stash. Have you ever heard of gravity bong and waterfall bong? If you haven’t, this article will introduce you to them and even how to make them. If you’ve already heard of them and you have no idea how to make them, you can learn from the following guide.

Two Styles that Can be Applied on How to Make a Water Bottle Bong

Gravity Bong

It is also called geeb. Making a gravity bong would need two plastic bottles. These should be put to form a funnel for the smoke to rise from the water. Then the smoke proceeds to the lungs of the consumers. 

It can start working when you submerge a small bottle, which is below a bowl filled with weed. They should be placed on a larger bottle, which you can replace with a large bucket. Some water should be inside those containers. Slowly lift the bottle from the water when you started lighting your weed. 

It’s time to unscrew the lid and put your mouth on the opening of the bottle. Put it down a bit so you can propel the gravity to push the smoke into your mouth. So that’s how it works. Gravity is quite helpful. 

Knowing this method may ignite the interest to gather the needed things and start making a gravity bong. But this bong is not for everyone. With the way gravity works on the smoke, it is recommended for intermediate and advanced users. Gravity bong will not fail in filling your lungs with highly concentrated smoke that can make you soar up high. 

You have to gather:

  • Plastic bottle (the ideal size is from sixteen to twenty oz)
  • A bucket or two pieces of a plastic bottle (two liters)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Poking device
  • One gram of your favorite weed
  • Sharp knife or box cutter
  • Necessary Steps

1. Smaller Bottle

Cut the smaller bottle by using the box cutter. It is done at the bottom part of the bottle. The larger part you leave means a stronger hit. So don’t trim too much.

2. Larger Bottle

Cut the bottom of the 2-liter bottles. If you choose to use a bucket, fill it with water.

3. The hole on the Bottle’s Cap

Remove the cap of the smaller bottle for you to make a hole. It is done by using a cutter or scissors. The hole should be big enough to let the smoke through. Don’t make it too big to the extent that the foil and weed may fall into the water.

4. Foil Bowl

Shape the foil into a bowl that will carry the weed. You can add more depth to it so your weed won’t be wasted. To avoid any spillage, cut some excess foil. 

5. Holes on Foil

Make three to five holes on the foil for ventilation. Use a sharp and dependable poking tool so you won’t rip the foil.

6. Weed on the Cap

Place your foil bowl on the cap, but don’t screw it yet.

7. Submerging the Small Bottle

Let the small bottle submerge into the bigger bottle or the bucket. The cap remains above the water. Be careful when screwing the cap back on the bottle. You have to be sure that it’s completely screwed and free from any gap and hole. Leaks can compromise the function of your gravity bong. 

8. Lighting and Unscrewing

You can light your weed then unscrew the cap so you can begin smoking. When you see that the bottle is full of smoke, carefully take the cap and place your mouth on the covering of the bottle. It may take trial and error, but you will get it right in no time.

Waterfall Bong

It is a different gravity bong as you don’t need to do any lifting. You instead need to drain water from the chamber. It’s considered more stable as there’s no open bottom. The bong is not prone to tipping. There may be an advantage, but making it is a piece of cake.

Things that you need:

  • A slider bowl (it can be gained from a bong)
  • Electrical or duct tape (Scotch tape is not reliable for sealing)
  • A plastic bottle (bigger size is the best option)
  • A sharp pointy tool like scissors or ice pick
  • Some weed
  • A lighter or hemp wick

Steps to Follow

1. Cutting the Hole

Put the bottle down and make sure that the cap is closed to avoid any interference from air pressure. Heat a sharp object for you to pierce the side in making a hole. It is something that can do the entire job as you only need to slide it through the surface without using much effort. 

When you finished making the hole, you need to make it smooth before you cover it with a tape. The draw is faster when you make a larger hole. If it’s too small, there will be a delay in the sucking process from the bowl. If it’s too big, the kush won’t burn properly, and the thickness of the smoke is not something that you would like. You can make a hole for half an inch on bottles in regular sizes.

2. The Sealing of the Bowl

Sealing comes easily when the stem is in the right size. If it’s too narrow, you may need to mend it. You can add a silicone washer or a large rubber. A hole is needed to fit into the bottle’s cap. To block any air leak in the junction that you set up, the silicone washer or large rubber provides the remedy. You can use a cork to fit the stem. But core it first.

3. Fill it Up

The filling should be done a few inches from the top. Then you can add the bowl. Light it up and pull off the tape that you placed on the bottom part. If the bottle is full of smoke and no more water, you can remove the bowl so you can get high. Prepare a dish that would catch the water from it.

Summary of Important Thoughts

Things on how to make a water bottle bong are not only easy, but they won’t cost you a lot of money. It’s all about being resourceful and creative. It just proves that you don’t need to spend some bucks when you want to take a break from rolling joints. Be aware of some effects of the plastic. Some people resort to the use of bottles made of glass or silicon. Aside from saving money, you should also care about your health and safety.