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How to Keep Weed Fresh

Knowing how to keep weed fresh largely involves using proper cannabis storage. But keeping them from going stale can sometimes become confusing and tricky. There was a time that we were told to store them in a regular plastic sandwich baggy and throwing them into the freezer will maintain the freshness and extend the life of your marijuana. Unfortunately, this storing method has long been considered a bane of existence for serious stoners. As convincing and as logical these techniques may sound, they can inevitably lead to your stash of weed being ruined.

How to Tell If Weed Has Gone Bad

Before we dive into the steps on how to keep weed fresh, let us also take time to know how to tell if your secret stash has gone bad. When weed goes bad, it will not hurt you (except for mold) but its chemical makeup has changed, which means that it won’t give you the same high that you’ve been looking forward to.


One of the easiest ways to tell if your stash of marijuana is still good or not is to check on its appearance or color. Cannabis that is still good is always green with flecks of purple, brown, or amber. On the other hand, a weed that has gone bad is brown.


If your secret stash smells bad – like a sweaty locker room, hay, urine, or grassy – or if it has completely lost its aroma then it is most likely to have gone bad. Mold is oftentimes the culprit for these awful smells. The old weed that has been properly been stored might not smell as strong as when you first stored it, but it should not give off any unpleasant smell.


Another easy way to determine good cannabis versus a bad one is through the sound it makes when you pull the weed apart. You should hear the weed snap. Otherwise, if it is silent then that means it has retained a lot of moisture and you should be on the lookout for mold or mildew.


Of course, it is pretty easy to tell if your stash of weed has gone bad by its taste. Despite how long you‘ve stored your weed, they should still taste like a weed and without any off-flavors. This can be a little harder though for people who are not experienced in smoking marijuana.

So the question remains, How to Keep Weed Fresh?

Several factors come into play when storing your stash of weed properly. It is important to keep marijuana away from air, moisture, heat, and many others. According to the }Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, weed can be kept fresh for up to two years if they are cured and stored properly. So, if you are serious about keeping your weed fresh, then you must follow the steps outlined below.

Store in an air-tight glass jar

Despite what we have learned for the past many years, do not keep weed in plastic bags. Plastic exposes the weed to faster degradation by air, light, and even temperature changes. Additionally, plastic has been known to leech harmful chemicals like BPA into marijuana. And while many cannabis connoisseurs swear by vacuum’ sealing, some are also wary of this method suggesting that even the slightest exposure to Polymers can damage the trichomes and ruin the potency of the cannabis.

Instead, glass jars with rubber seals are the proper and most economical option for storing marijuana for years. Choose a jar that is big enough to allow you to completely stuff all your buds inside with little air space left to create an artificial air locked environment. The jar should also allow no air to seep in and out to prevent any microbial growth and to preserve the original flavors and potency of marijuana. Before putting in your stash of weed inside the jar, however, make sure that the jar itself is free from any moisture as it can sweat from within when exposed to external factors, like air.

Use old and sanitized prescription pill bottles

There is no better container for your secret stash than glass so make sure to stock up enough of them for your weed. However, those old plastic medicine jars could come in handy in terms of temporary storage or as good and convenient travel packs. These prescription pill bottles are designed with flip-top lids to keep the contents inside dry and protected from contamination. Just make sure to properly sanitize and dry the bottle container first before using them.

Use dark and tinted containers

Aside from moisture, light can also easily change the composition of your marijuana by drying out the terpenes present in cannabis, resulting in a degraded plant matter. Numerous studies have suggested that long-term storage keeps weed fresh required storing them at room temperature in a dark and sealed container. The importance of using dark, tinted containers that can block out UV rays cannot be over-emphasized. If you do not have a dark glass jar, you can still use a clear glass jar but just make sure to store it in a cool and dark area with limited light exposure, like a drawer or closet that does not receive much light.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Another important factor to consider when storing cannabis is temperature. Too cold temperatures should be avoided as this can slow down the decarboxylation process of the cannabinoids, which is a key part of the weed consumption process. You will not be able to experience the full effects of your weed if the decarboxylation process has been stopped or slowed down. Also, keep in mind that temperatures between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew as warm air holds more moisture and humidity. Any temperature higher than that can also lead to dried out terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes largely affect the flavors and aromas of the cannabis plant. Given all this information, experts suggest keeping the storage temperature anywhere between 32 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit for ideal storage.


Proper marijuana storage involves knowing how to keep weed fresh and keeping it away from its natural enemies such as humidity, diseases like molds, high heat, and direct light. In short, you should make sure to keep your stash of weed in a dark, tight-lid glass jar and store this in ideal room temperature away from any light source.

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