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Expert Tips on How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

The world of cannabis has changed and has evolved tremendously as it is not just a simple weed that is only used for recreational purposes, but now it widely being used in the medical field as well, and cannabis cultivation is a trend.

Most cannabis enthusiasts have grown fascinated by cultivating cannabis. Maybe you might have tried growing cannabis outdoors and had a good yield, but do you know that you can do better? Yes. If you know the ways on how to make bigger buds outdoors, then you can expect a much better yield than your previous harvest. 

Cannabis, as we all know, is a very diverse plant that can be planted indoors and outdoors. But if you have chosen to grow them outdoors, you need to meet the growing requirements so your plants can grow healthy. As a cannabis grower, your main goal is to produce top-quality; thus, it is best to know the ways to make better yield. If you are interested in how to grow bigger bud outdoors, read on this article for the information that you need.

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors?

Growing cannabis outdoors may sound that easy, but it is not like just planting and leaving them to grow. The secret in growing cannabis with bigger buds is to be able to know the “needs” of the plant to produce bigger buds. You may have tried growing cannabis outdoors, but you could have done better if you know what else to do for your plant to grow bigger buds.

Now you might have tried growing good cannabis plants outdoor, but to help you produce bigger buds, you may need to do some “training” so your plant will be able to get enough food nutrients that they need to grow. Training your plant requires you to get rid of unwanted plant materials like dead leaves and branches. Unwanted plant materials compete and also receive the nutrients that are intended for the plant to grow healthy. Here are some training methods that you need to keep your plants healthy and produce bigger buds:

1. Pruning

In this method, you need to remove plant parts that are no longer healthy like dead leaves and branches. This will allow the nutrients to be concentrated on the plant’s healthy parts of the plant, like the bigger stem or the main branch.

2. Topping

This method can speed up the growth of your plants by chopping off several buds at the top of the cannabis plant.

3. Training

There are several low-stress training that can help you get rid of the unwanted parts of the plants like yellow leaves. Unlike topping, this method will not remove the buds of the plant, just the dead leaves, and branches.

These are the different training methods that are proven to be effective so that your plants can grow bigger buds. Training your plant is just one of the important factors for a cannabis plant to grow bigger buds outdoors. 

Tips on how to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

Choose the Right Strain

There a hundred if not thousands of strains. When you decided to cultivate cannabis outdoors, you might have selected a strain that best thrives with outdoor growing. Cannabis is a versatile plant that can grow indoors and outdoors, but they can thrive “best” in the type of environment in which their nature requires. Say some strains can grow indoors or outdoors, but they can grow better with the outdoor environment.

Consider the Climate

Research about your strain and make sure that it will thrive best with the climate of the place where it is going to be cultivated. Most cannabis plant thrives on warm climates so you can start planting in summer. Some strains can grow well in hot or cold climates. So if your area has cold temperature, select a strain that can thrive best in cooler areas. 

Select Good Soil as a Medium

The traditional method of growing cannabis plants is by using soil as the medium. If you are cultivating your plant via the traditional method, make sure that you anchor them on good soil. Good soil will allow your plants to have access to the needed nutrients for them to grow healthy. The soil should also have the right pH, and it should be prepared correctly. It should be mixed in. The soil should not be too stick or too sandy. Loamy soil is perfect for cannabis because it has good drainage; it can hold water and allow good airflow. 

Select a Better Location

If you have tried outdoor growing and had a location that is suitable for planting, then there is no need for you to choose for another one. But if you think you have a better location, then do not think twice and choose it. The location should have enough access to water, sunlight, good airflow, and healthy soil. By doing so, you are allowing your plants to grow healthy in a much suitable environment. This will pave the way for harvesting top quality yield. 

Know the Best time to Plant your Strain

Know your strain by doing a little research. It is important to know when is the best time to plant the strain to produce a better yield. Climate and other natural factors should be given importance in cultivating cannabis outdoors. You must take note of your plant’s exposure to sunlight and darkness. 


Growing cannabis outdoor is a rewarding experience. It sounds easy, especially if you know what to do. If you have been growing your cannabis outdoors, these tips on how to grow bigger buds outdoors will help you harvest more yield than you have on your previous harvests. Yes, you can do more if you know what to do. You may be doing well with just letting them grow, but doing some extra work won’t matter, especially if you are looking forward to a great harvest.

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