How to Grind Weed without Grinder: Must-Read Tricks

Do you need to grind the weed, but you do not have any grinder with you? What should you do? Well, believe it or not, it is possible to grind your weed even if you do not have a grinder. There is always a solution to that problem. In this article, you will be able to know the steps on how to grind weed without a grinder. 

The steps that you will know will be very helpful for you, especially if you need to grind your cannabis. Let us find out what the possible things you could do in grinding weed without the use of a grinder and what tools you can rely on replacement of a weed grinder. 

Tricks on how to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

If you are not prepared enough and you would like to grind weed, you can simply use some of the tools you can find at your house. Most of the tools you can use in grinding weed can be found in your kitchen. It is time to find out what the tricks are and the ways on how to grind weed without a grinder.

The Knife as well as a Cutting Board

It is a very usual strategy of grinding weed if you do not have a grinder. In doing it, you have to prepare a sharp knife so you can chop the weed properly in small pieces. The weed may stick on the knife so make sure to get those weed out of the knife. Be careful in doing this because you might cut your fingers if you are not careful enough. You have to do the chopping moderately. After you have done this, you must clean your chopping board and your knife. 

Grinder for Coffee

If you do not have a grinder for weed, but you have a grinder for coffee, then you can use it. Make sure to clean it first before using it so that you will not be able to get the coffee taste of it. You should also do the same after using it if you do not want to mix the weed with your coffee. 

Make sure to get the loose pack of the buds in order not to cause any damages to your coffee grinder. Avoid using a grinder for coffee for those very big buds as well as for those very small buds. Adjusting the grinding time would be helpful in not making your weed into a powder that is fine. 

Mortar and Pestle

Before using them, you have to clean them first. You have to dry your nugs before grinding them with mortar and pestle. Dry nugs are very easy to break and grind. After using it, it is important to clean it, too. Take note that you should not do the grinding very hard. 

Grater for Cheese

It is possible to grind your weed with the use of the grater which is very easy to do. You should prepare a plate to in grating the weed. You should be extra careful in using this for grinding weed because you might touch the part of the grater which is very sharp. Of course, the first step should be washing the grater and that would be the last thing you should do after using it. 

Make your Shaker

You can prepare any empty container or bottle that is plastic. Put heavy coins inside of the bottle with the nugs in it. Make sure about putting the right amount of nugs. If you have already closed the container, you can shake it. The shaking should be in a moderate manner and you should not over-shake it. 

Using your Hands

You should not worry about not having any of the tools mentioned above, because you can use your hands in grinding cannabis. Break the big buds into small buds and cut the buds off with the use of the nails on your fingers. You need to make small pieces of it. You must wash your hands before doing this. You have to do this method carefully as well. 

Scissors and a Shot Glass

You can cut your nugs inside of the shot glass. Put the nugs into your shot glass and begin cutting them with the use of scissors. Washing the tools should always be the first step in doing it. It is important to it without rushing because you might end up spilling the weed out. The surface where you should put your glass should be clean and flat wherein you can still use the spilled out weed. 


In using a blender, you have to control the way the nugs blend. You should not over blend it and make sure to get the texture that you desire. Cleaning the seeds and the stems out before you blend them should be the first thing you do. You can blend the enormous amount of weed. It would be better to blend the nugs for about ten seconds if you do not want the not so good result. 


Grinding a weed may be an urgent thing that you should do. It will be very hassled if you haven’t prepared any materials at all. However, there are so many ways you can try and follow if ever you do not have your grinder with you. Most of the alternative tools can be found in your kitchen. Therefore, you can always make a way of grinding your cannabis, even if you do not have a grinder. 

Aside from knowing what the possible tools to use for grinding, you must also learn and understand the steps on how to grind weed without a grinder. It is for you to be able to grind you marijuana, well. In doing those different tricks, you have to be very careful because you might end up getting hurt or you might end up with a result that you did not expect.