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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell: Smart Tips for Stoners

Marijuana has numerous beautiful scents, among others, can be considered a bittersweet sensation on our senses. Weed has many scent variations, from berries, musky, earthy, piney, and many more. However, not everyone is fond of the smell of the weed. As a regular cannabis smoker, you should know how to get rid of weed smell fast!

Removing weed smell means you free yourself from the judgment most people say when you’re associated with weed use. If you plan on smoking weed in areas of your house, the essential part of getting away with it is getting rid of the smell. To learn more about how to get rid of weed smell, continue reading!

Brilliant Ways on how to Get Rid of Weed Smell

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1. Incense  

the most common method to hide your tracks is investing in scented products. In this way, you get to kill the odor fast and efficiently. One of the best-scented products when it comes to killing pungent odor is with incense. Incense has been in the world for ages, used for various ceremonial rites, and all sorts.

Incense is a great way to cover up tracks because it is very aromatic and instantly kills traces of weed odor. Incense sticks are dirt cheap and are readily available in your local store. If you plan on smoking weed in your home, one right way is to smoke weed and light up the incense stick simultaneously. By this, you limit the odor from sticking in the walls or curtains, and the smoke coming from the stick extinguishes itself as well.

2. Air fresheners 

Although I highly disliked them because they contain harmful chemicals, and is quite expensive. Air fresheners have proven themselves to be an excellent tool for killing weed smell. Stoners around the world use air fresheners to hide their tracks. The good thing about air fresheners is having different kinds of scent, you can prefer the strong ones, or the mild ones, it’s up to your preference.

These days, air fresheners aren’t only made to cover up your weed smoke; they also remove the physical presence of the smoke entirely. The only drawback I could say about air fresheners is how pricey they are. If you aren’t sold on the idea of having air fresheners because of their chemicals, you might want to opt for another one out of this list.

3. Personal Hygiene

Nothing beats personal hygiene. If you are constantly suspected of smoking weed, it might be the time to ramp up your bathroom duties. Taking a bath after a marijuana session significantly decreases the smoke residue left in your body, and also brushing your teeth ravenously can ultimately hide it as well. After brushing your teeth and using mouth wash, cap it off by using a breath mint.

If you find yourself on the wrong end of the spectrum, then I highly recommend scrubbing yourself rigorously and change with the freshest clothes you have at your disposal to avoid suspicions.

Functional Marijuana Storing

It is not entirely efficient if you are only covering the smell of a burning weed. If you leave your joints out in the open, then chances are the smoke will still linger. The longer your joint or cannabis remains in the open, the higher chance of making it hard to eradicate. The best way to go around this is to have your self storage specifically for your marijuana only, either with a Ziploc or an air-tight empty jar.

However, cannabis connoisseurs believe that the only way you go about this is to buy yourself a stash jar. Stash jars are specially designed for marijuana storage that keeps your cannabis fresh while ensuring your room safe from weed scent. Plus, keeping your marijuana under plastic containers could dry them out quickly because of the lack of moisture.

The issue about stash jars is how inconvenient they are because they can only house a few ounces of weed. In this case, you might opt for the bigger one. On the flip side, these jars keep your marijuana leaves for long stretches up to 6 months.

Proper Ventilation

If you want the best method on how to get rid of weed smell, for me, this is the most ideal one. The classic process of using weed is opening windows and releasing the smoke outside; thus, the smoke won’t have to stay long in the room as the wind catches them quickly. While this may work, you aren’t going to fool your neighbors.

You can effectively get rid of the smoke with a fan. The best way to go is to smoke outside of your home, either at the garage or places far from people. In this way, people will hardly notice it because the smoke is flown in the air.

Try different Consumption Methods

Aside from smoking, there are many ways to consume weed and still give psychoactive effects. It’s because the stinkiest part of smoking weed is the smoke! You can even get high with various methods such as vaping. Vaporizers produce a less obvious scent. However, if you want to feel the effects of weed, you’ll need to heat them at around 250F.

Consuming marijuana through edibles aren’t a bad thing either. There are many ways how to make cannabis edibles, and one of them is Cannabutter. Cannabutter, as the name says, is butter infused with cannabis. The best part about Cannabutter is you can make them at home or buy them at your local dispensary. Then you can you Cannabutter to mix with various recipes and ingredients. Mix it however you want it.


Weed smoke is a very stubborn and resilient one, making it hard to get rid of it. If you smoke cannabis regularly, it would be wise to know how to get rid of weed smell as most people aren’t fond of it.

To avoid getting the ire of many, the best place to smoke weed is a place wherein there is plenty of ventilation and open air. I’ve listed the best ways to get rid of weed smell; it’s up to you which one you choose.

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