How To Germinate Matured Cannabis Seeds

With the cost of cannabis seeds sailing above growers reach, cultivators can only anticipate using their matured seeds. Nonetheless, storing the seeds incorrectly or for a long time may render them infertile – and they cannot germinate. However, just how do we let those matured cannabis seeds spring back to life? 

Sorting Out Matured Weed Seeds

The first step in any farming process is to have the right seeds, and the same applies to marijuana. While harvesting high thc cannabis seeds, all are saved, and nothing is lost. That suggests all types of seeds mature and immature. 

Sorting Seeds By Hardness

Even though marijuana seeds have taken some time inside the storage containers, mature seeds’ hardness is not compromisable. Stable and rigid seeds with a sleek shell ensure a consistent germination rate. At the same time, be on the post for crinkled and cracked seeds. They will consume a lot of time and energy and miss germination after planting.

Sorting Seeds by Color and shape

Whether the seeds are obtained from a seed bank, a store, or a reseller, different cannabis seed strains come in diverse colors. Mature cannabis seeds take on a dark coat while immature ones are brighter and usually white. The most evident colors are brown, tan, and seldom in black. In contrast, bright yellow and white tones quickly classify immature seeds.

Weed seeds are known for their appreciative points and shape. The more extensive, rounder, and well-formed seeds are the best. Larger seeds have a fair germination rate compared to tiny ones, which leads to being immature.

3 Ways To Germinate Matured Marijuana Seeds

Below we will go over three popular methods used to germinate matured marijuana seeds. It is essential for the seeds to the temperature between 26°C–28° as that is where clones seem to root the best. A grower also needs to ensure the seed is kept in the dark area as light can slow down the germination process.

By Using Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture

Method 3 requires the use of a hydrogen peroxide mixture to soften up the seed’s outer shell. It would be most helpful to be more cautious when mixing a peroxide solution as it can flare up the seeds, and they will never germinate. To use the mixture for the germination method, use 1 to 2 drops of 99% hydrogen peroxide in a glassful of water. After soaking for 24 hours, the external carapace will soften up enough for the seeds to germinate. Apart from chemical and mechanical scarification, a grower can choose other DIY methods to loosen the seed coat. For instance, they can use a small knife to scratch or open the seed coat. It is okay to explore different ways as long as it will not harm the seeds’ embryo.

  • One part 3% hydrogen peroxide with six parts of water.
  • One part 4.5% hydrogen peroxide with nine parts of water.
  • One part 6% hydrogen peroxide with 12 parts water. 
  • One part 30% hydrogen peroxide with 60 parts water.


Scarification involves inflicting injuries on the seeds’ outer shell to allow for water and air intake, which are necessities for germination. Under manual scarification, a grower needs a jar or box lined with sandpaper or any rough material to scar the seeds’ outer skin by placing the seeds inside the pot or container and shaking. After some time, the seeds may turn dull, and parts of seed coats can be seen inside the jar. After scarring cannabis seeds’ outer shell, it is ready for germination as it is usually would.

By Using Carbonated Water

This method involves applying carbonated water with a pH below 7. The slightly acidic water dissolves away the seeds’ outer layer by putting the seeds in a container full of carbonated water and sits for about two hours. The liquid will extricate the seed coat, allowing it to absorb water, which will help in the germination process.

Always Use Clean Fresh Water

Clean freshwater carries molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. These are two life-supporting factors necessary for germination. Watering the seeds for at least 12 hours allows water to penetrate the living cells, a process known as osmosis. Now that the internal conditions favor germination, the seed’s embryo will expand, breaking out of the protective coat.

Bottom Line

Matured cannabis seeds seldom pose a difficulty for germination. You can sort mature seeds, extricate the hard-shielding layer through various methods, try out innovative synthetic germination boosters, or use biocatalysts. Furthermore, soaking the clean-soft seeds in clean freshwater will drive the embryo out of its protective coating. In addition, by searching for the best place to buy marijuana seeds online will help a grower to purchase healthy seeds and germinate without trouble.

After attempting some of the above methods to germinate the matured cannabis seeds, you can be assured to cultivate healthy and vigorous plants and expect excellent yields.