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How Do Autoflowering Weed Produce Bud?

The Commercialization of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Well known commercially as Lowryder, Autoflowering Marijuana strains has been in the market in over number of years already. They are originally commercialized by Joint Doctor as an Autoflowering Cannabis seeds that has short life span of growing period. For those growers, having difficulties in flowering their Canabas seeds, Autoflowering Cannabis seeds have been a great hit.
Lo and behold, throughout its years of existence, many growers have tried cross breeding it with different types of Marijuana strains to produce new kinds of Cannabis smoke weeds. It proffers better advantages for first time growers and for Cannabis growers who are having a hard time flowering their Cannabis seeds because of their location and weather situation.

What is the commercial perspective of Autoflowering Marijuana?

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are popularly known to produce Cannabis Ruderalis. Growers of authentic Cannabis Indica and Sativa are not very much into Autoflowering Cannabis seeds.
Truly, the THC [percentage of the Cannabis Ruderalis is relatively stumpy and the yield of each Marijuana plant is extensively lower compare with the Marijuana Sativa and Indica. Though many grower claims that Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are not very attracting, they admit that this kind of seeds bring about manage positive advantages especially its lesser growing period.
In the commercial market, you may see a lot of cross breed cannabis Indica and sativa strains that has component of Lowryder # 1 and Lowryder # 2 which are results of Autoflowering Marijuana seeds. Indeed, it has a great strong taste which made it to the top favorite of many Cannabis weed smokers. Throughout the years, Cannabis growers also seeks out possible hybrid processes of Autoflowering Marijuana seeds in lieu of producing more great tasting smoke weeds for the growing marketing of Cannabis users.

Autoflowering Marijuana Plants & Seeds

How Does Weed Flower Automatically?

What is the first breed of Autoflowering Marijuana in the Commercial market?

In the history of the Cannabis Industry commercial market, the first Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are the Lowryder # 1. This Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are a mixture of Cannabis Ruderalis and Northern Lights # 2.
Joint Doctor introduced “Lowryder # 1 “in the market. Though its market penetration did not successfully establish, Autoflowering Cannabis seeds become an interesting topic in the Marijuana Industry. On of its competitive advantage during its early stage in the market, was its capability to Autoflowering Marijuana seeds in just two weeks and the rest of the full pledge budding can be evident in the last week of the Autoflowering Cannabis seeds.

Which has the Highest Influence in Autoflowering Cannabis, Indica or Sativa strain?

The cross mixture of Autoflowering Marijuana seeds in the commercial market are greatly Cannabis Indica and less Marijuana Sativa. This evidently true since Cannabis Indica also grow in a shorter period of time compare to Canabis Sativa. This particular characteristic matches the growing state of Autoflowering Cannabis seeds. Autoflowering Marijuana seeds generate higher yields and grow faster when it has a greater component of Cannabis Indica.
Nevertheless, there are many Marijuana plant growers who make use of higher Cannabis Sativa content and some hybrid Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are already available in the commercial market.

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