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Homemade Dab Rig Creative Ideas

Homemade Dab Rig

Cannabis oil and wax concentrates are consumed through dabbing. So dab rig can be found in every stoner’s collection. It is paraphernalia that sells like hotcakes among marijuana enthusiasts these days. A water pipe is acceptable but it’s imperative to have one to achieve the best possible result. 

However, it can be expensive. Well, the good news is that you can come up with a homemade dab rig by yourself. It’s also a chance for you to showcase your creative side. It will help you save some bucks rather than buying one.

The Essentials When Using a Dab Rig

Before you proceed making homemade dab rig, knowing the parts is important. Creativity is not the only that is necessary for you to complete a whole piece of a dab rig. You have to ensure that your homemade dab rig has the parts intact. You need not miss to have the extras so you can start the session.

Bong or Water Pipe

You can’t skip this one and you will be fine with a standard one. It doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it has the right size for the entire rig. It allows the vapor to travel through the chamber as it cools down. It provides additional cooling as well as vapor cleansing before it arrives in your lungs. 

Nail or Banger

It’s located at the end part and it has the role of vaporizing your concentrate. It needs to contact with the heat. You can have the nail that looks like a thin, long piece. Some of them are electronic. A banger appears in a bowl form. Either of them works well so can you choose the one that suits your preference.

Dabbing Tool

It’s one of the ‘must’ in dabbing. It’s where you load and control your concentrate. It gets close to heat banger once you fill it with concentrate. They are usually made of metal to serve their purpose.

Torch or Torch Butane

You can’t start the session if you have either of them. A torch can be handy due to its small size. It will let you dab wherever you go. You can have a butane torch that can provide a lockable feature for heat and flame. 


It is necessary so you can check the time while the banger cools down. You can use any portable timer like your phone or ordinary stopwatch.

Creativity on Homemade Dab Rig

Mason Jar Dab Rig

There may be a couple of mason jars just lying around the corner of your kitchen. While you’re at dabbing weed, you may spend some of your precious time to give them purpose. So shake off those lazy bones and make a dab right spending a lot of money.

You can easily find the things that you need:

1. You have to start working on the mason jar. Drill two holes on its cover and they should be aligned across each other. 

2. Roll the aluminum foil around the pen which will be the down stem. Then you insert it in one of the holes that you made.

3. Get the titanium nail so you can insert it into the down stem covered with foil. You can also wrap the area where the nail and lid meet with foil. It’s where you may put silicone or glue.

4. Place a bendy straw in the other hole. It serves as the water pipe or bong. It should be wrapped with a foil to make it airtight. 

5. When everything is connected properly, you can fill the jar with water and with your favorite concentrate. Then you put the heat on so you can get going.

Nice Pumpkin Dab Rig

Pumpkin is used in various dishes such as pie, soup, and the list goes on. It may be one of your favorite vegetables and it can also be your favorite dabbing item. It’s not just about the design but it’s the whole, raw pumpkin. It’s about customizing and being creative. You can get started when you have collected the necessary materials.

What You Need:


1. Pumpkin Preparation

Get some trash bags and paper towels to cover your working station for minimizing mess. You need to remove the guts and seeds of the pumpkin to turn it functional for dabbing. 

Cut a ring around the stem of the pumpkin using a serrated knife. You will come up with a round cap. To do it successfully, do the cutting carefully and evenly. When you separated the cap from the body, you can scoop the seeds and guts with a spoon. Make sure the inside area is clean so you can have the smoothest hit.

2. Carving

The carving of pumpkin during Halloween results in Jack-O-Lantern. But when it comes to making a homemade dab rig, it would be in a different manner. You just need to make some incisions to function as the mouthpiece and the down stem. 

You have to make two rounded cuts which are located on the opposite side with the help of the same knife. The hole for down stem should be high enough to keep up with the glass’s length. If it’s too low, there will be no enough room for down stem and it hinders percolation.

Once the hole is done, insert the down stem into the pumpkin for the precise fit. Make sure there’s no crack or air gap as it can get into the rig’s draw. Once down stem fits well, make another incision on the other side for the mouthpiece. Then add a glass piece in it.

3. Final Touches

You have a hollow pumpkin, mouthpiece, and down stem at this point. It’s almost done but there’s a need for some final touches. You have to pour some water that is about half a cup. It should be the amount that is adequate to let the diffusion holes submerge into the down-stem.

When the pumpkin contains the optimal level of water, you can put the cap back. Resealing can be done by your bare hands. Then, make a test to see if it properly percolates. If it’s not working, make some adjustments with the seal and the down stem. When the chug is steady, you can start enjoying your concentrate.

Turning Your Bong Into a Dab Rig

Who doesn’t want to have been equipped with a dual purpose? When you have a bong, you can turn it into a dab rig so you don’t have to buy one. You will be guided with the following steps:

1. Getting an Adapter

You can transform your bong into a dab rig with the help of an adapter. It’s a little but multifunctional accessory as it can be used in many purposes aside from converting a bong into a homemade dab rig. 

However, you have to get the right type that would turn your bong from female into a male. So you should get male to male adapter. Size is important too. You can base it on the typical sizes of the down stem which range from 14.55 mm to 18.8 mm. 

Don’t worry. Anyway, it’s easy to determine the size. If the joint is the same as your pinkie finger, go for 14.5 mm. Get an 18.8 mm if it’s as big as a dime.

2. The Necessary Nail

Another thing that you have to select is the nail which should be mutual with the size of the adapter. If the male to the male adapter is 14.55 mm, the nail should be in the same measurement. It also applies to 18.8 mm for both parts. 

Nails can be made of different materials. They may be in titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Knowing their pros and cons would make you decide which one you’ll get. Titanium nails are known for being sturdy but you have to season it first so you can’t have to season it first to avoid the funky taste.

Titanium heats up quickly but it’s not a medical-grade but ceramic ones are so they are safe. You only need to be patient as they heat up longer. The heat comes the quickest with quartz nails. But you can choose the one that goes along with your preference.

Final Words

When you know the essential parts, you can make a homemade dab rig that can work properly. It can have the performance of a store-bought piece. So be creative and customize your tools. You can save money by doing so.