Hindu Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica cannabis strain with good yields despite being an average-sized plant. It can flower early in just 8 weeks to give you earthy, spicy, and woody-flavored buds capable of easing anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia. This strain can be cultivated in temperate, sunny, and in cool/cold environments.

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More About Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds

Hindu Kush originated from the mountain regions of the Hindu Kush where it was named after. The strain is a pure breed of 100% indica genetics.

This Afghani Hinhu Kush is a very strong Indica variety that also gives a very strong and heavy smoke. It has a sweet hash taste. This is one of the original Kush strain varieties still considered to be one of the favorites of many pot lovers around the world.

Hindu Kush plant has wide leaves, dark green in color and produces dense sticky buds forming around its thick stems. The smoke is of earth musk flavor and heavy on the lungs.

The flowering period for the Hindu Kush is 50 to 55 days and yields a400 gm per square meter. It has a high THC content of 15 to 20%. The height extends up from 90 to 130 cm.

Seeds can be shipped worldwide.

How To Buy Seeds For Growing Hindu Kush

If you want a store that could offer you best quality Hindu Kush marijuana seeds for sale then you can rely on our online seed bank for that. This variety of marijuana plant is an Indica breed that comes from the mountains of Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush weed seed has been chosen to be the best for the continuous quality and stability it has in cultivating its own genetics. The flowering period may take a long time of 10 to 12 weeks but it is guaranteed to have a remarkably high weed experience.

For you to complete the order process of this marijuana strain online you have to verify your payment either on credit card, bank wire or by cash. In case we won’t be accepting your coupons we can assure you that price for Hindu Kush cannabis pot seed for sale is as cheap as it can be.


Type : Regular Flowering : 8 weeks
Climate : Indoor Yield : 450 gms/plant
Height : 25-40 cm THC Level : Strong 15%-20%
Stoned : Cereb. buzz Grow : Moderate

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  1. MazuretP

    I was so surprised when I finally got around to growing this just how easy it was. I have been growing weed in my grow tent for years. I got a massive and beautiful yield, all of the flower was nice and tight and very bright green. I was very proud of how this all worked out. Definitely worth the effort!

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