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Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Hilly Billy Jean Feminized is a hybrid strain of a slight Sativa dominance at 60% while its Indica is only at 40%. It is a unique combination of Orange Skunk and Space Queen. Once ingested, you will enjoy it’s oddly satisfying flavor and aroma since it has a strong bittersweet smell and taste with bursts of orange, citrus, and tropical fruits. Also, when it has fully matured within the time span of eight to ten weeks, you will notice its orange pistils and somehow pesto green buds coated in frosty crystalized trichomes with little specks of dust of gold. AS for its expressed effects, with a relatively high THC level at 18% – 21%, an intense cerebral high will dominate your system triggering euphoria and up to the mood happiness while also promoting your sense of creativity and inspiration, all the while making you feel uplifted and invigorated as well. But despite all those mental stones, Hilly Billy Jean feminized has the capability to make you feel related without having to dwell with lethargy and sleepiness. Because of this, it is can be a remedy to those suffering from physical pain, muscle spasms, and the likes as it can significantly reduce the swelling of the muscle tissues. And since Hilly Billy Jean is a Sativa dominant hybrid, you can expect its cerebral buzz to also treat those dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and mood disorders due to its proven mood-enhancing effects. It is best to consumeHilly Billy Jean marijuana before starting your day to have a pleasurable kick-start.

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Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (60%) / Indica (40%), Feminized

Genetic Parents: Space Queen x Orange Skunk

Flowering Period: 8 weeks to 10 weeks

Climate: Dry and warm climate

Yield: Low, 8 oz/plant (outdoors) and 10 oz/sqm

Flavors: citrus, tropical, orange, sweet, bitter, orange

THC Level: 18% – 21%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: 30 inches

Photo Period: Unknown

Harvest Period: Late September

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Hilly Billy Jean Feminized?

Most users of Hilly Billy Jean Strain find its aroma quite odd and even thought of it to have molds or mildew. However, once you get accustomed to its peculiar smell, you will then appreciate its unique combination of bitter but at the same time sweet, tropical, and citrus. Moreover, it also provides a burst of flavor with different tropical fruits and a sweet aftertaste.

When using Hilly Billy Jean, the initial effect you will enjoy is its euphoric buzz. Immediately, it will plaster a big smile on your face and the feeling of having to giggle all the time. It also makes you feel so energetic and invigorated to go through your day with a positive mood inspiring you to get creative and productive.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Strain?

This strain is the perfect strain to deal with minor body aches and chronic pain. This is also best for those with headaches as it not only dissipates it but does not make you feel sluggish and tired. Since being predominantly Sativa, the traits it comes with are ideal for those who are depressed, anxious, and are having a hard time maintaining a good mood because of its extreme cerebral high. Lastly, consider Hilly Billy Jean if you are battling with vomiting and nausea as it significantly improves your appetite since a natural side effect is the munchies.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Strain

Just like all other marijuana strains, you can also expect some adverse effects from Hilly Billy Jean marijuana strain such as cotton mouth, dry eyes, dehydration, and itchy eyes. Although far from being a serious medical issue, you can treat it by frequently drinking lots of water to regain hydration. Furthermore, there might be potential risks of paranoia, headaches, and dizziness ifHilly Billy Jean is consumed excessively and not in the proper dosage. That is why it is highly stressed to enjoy marijuana, particularly Hilly Billy Jean responsibly, and not beyond your level of tolerance.

How to Grow Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Seeds

Hilly Billy Jean Feminized is a strain that you can grow without fuss as it is very easy to grow, attributing to its Sativa roots. Additionally, it thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments, however, you must be mindful to cultivate it in warm and dry areas to further the potential of its growth. Top Hilly Billy Jean once, in order to equally distribute the nutrients to the entirety of the plant and also to control its height. When growing Hilly Billy Jean, within eight to ten weeks, anticipate not quite a bounty of yield, as it only produces approximately 8 ounces per plant when planted outdoors and 10 ounces per square meter when indoors.


2 reviews for Hilly Billy Jean Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Chloe

    I was blown away by the quality of the seeds and the fast shipping. I will definitely be a repeat customer

  2. Sarah Hamilton

    OMG! This strain is so yummy. I love the taste of this bud, it really tastes like candy and smells like a candy factory! I bet nothing is better than this weed, Hilly Billy Jean. I admit this strain is the best!! The high is very compact, I can really feel it physically, removes my pain and aches. I cannot stop laughing and giggling whenever I am smoking this weed. This is like a treasure I found on some islands. Good in treating those issues of mine. Fun if this weed is shared with friends or even at parties. What a treat! I cultivated this strain in my tiny greenhouse and I learned that this grows well in a warm environment, and it did great, gave me a larger yield. Very happy cause it I do consider this as a smart buy. Thanks for this MJG.

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