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Hiking While High: A Trail Guide for an Elevating Experience

For numerous individuals, hiking and high complement each other like cheese complements wine—a seamless pairing. Embarking on a nature stroll amidst the greenery while incorporating the effects of cannabis aids hikers in heightening their senses, achieving mental clarity, and promoting physical well-being. Whether the goal is to connect with nature, fellow hikers, or simply with oneself, bringing along a small amount of marijuana can serve as an ideal catalyst. But, before preparing your backpack, it is essential to consider and review some tips, tricks, and safety guidelines for hiking while in high use.

Hiking during High

Indulging in marijuana amidst the natural beauty of the woods, surrounded by diverse plant life, animals, and fungi, offers a delightful way to appreciate both the serenity of a natural environment and the effects of cannabis. The tranquil and unperturbed setting, free from the hustle and bustle of urban life, provides an ideal backdrop to fully experience the impact of marijuana. Simultaneously, cannabis can assist in acclimating to the natural surroundings, fostering a sense of harmony with the environment.

However, it’s crucial to be familiar with the landscape to avoid potential pitfalls, such as getting lost. While getting lost may not necessarily lead to a catastrophe, the disconcerting feeling of being high while disoriented can be unnerving. Moreover, relying on rescue due to being overly intoxicated is an undesirable situation.

In essence, if you intend to plan hiking while high amidst nature, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of your surroundings to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Strains Selection for Hiking

Selecting the appropriate strain is a crucial aspect of a positive experience. While individual responses can vary, here are some general guidelines for choosing a suitable strain when incorporating marijuana into your hiking experience:

  • Avoid Indica-heavy strains. Although taking a moment to appreciate nature is encouraged, getting stuck for too long is not ideal. Indica-dominant strains can induce a heavy sensation in the feet, resembling the consistency of glue and tar, potentially impeding your hiking progress. It is advisable to reserve indica strains for relaxation and recovery after returning home.
  • Sweet sativas are usually a safe bet. Sativas and sativa hybrids are renowned for their energizing effects. Strains with sweet and fruity aromas tend to be more uplifting compared to those with earthier and denser scents. Consider strains such as Golden Goat, Green Crack, or Super Lemon Haze for a more invigorating fun weed hiking experience.
  • CBD Strains. Opting for CBD-rich cannabis, which lacks THC, might be the optimal choice for hiking. These strains have a calming effect without inducing a state of being “stoned.” This eliminates the challenges associated with being high in an unfamiliar environment and allows you to appreciate nature with heightened clarity of the senses fully.


How to Stay Safe While Using Cannabis on the Trails

If you decide to engage in high hiking, it’s essential to consider certain precautions to ensure a safe experience. Hiking is typically a safe activity when well-prepared and undertaken at the right time. However, accidents can still occur, and the likelihood of such incidents may be heightened when under the influence. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures to minimize the associated risks and prioritize safety during your high-altitude hiking endeavors.

  • Be Prepared: Ensure that your maps are appropriately marked and downloaded, and your trails are well-defined. Someone must be informed about your location. Emergency preparedness is crucial for camping or hiking, irrespective of cannabis consumption. However, it is advisable to be fully prepared before smoking, so in the event of encountering wildlife like a bear, you reach for your bear whistle, not your flashlight. Excessive preparedness contributes to a more relaxed trip, making your venture outdoors less of a surprise.
  • Bring extra water and snacks: When venturing into nature for a hike, ensuring an adequate supply of food and, most importantly, water is of utmost importance. Depleting your provisions can swiftly turn a delightful day outdoors into an unpleasant experience.


Even though you may be under the influence, maintaining a reasonable approach is advisable. Pack nourishing food items that genuinely provide energy, such as sandwiches, nuts, fruits, and chocolate bars. Prioritize water for hydration, as sugary drinks may initially seem appealing but can lead to dehydration and energy crashes over time. For a flavored option, consider unsweetened coconut water as a refreshing alternative.

  • Be Respectful: While cannabis is not something that necessitates concealment, it’s important to exercise awareness regarding fellow hikers. Similar to cigarette smoke, the scent of cannabis may not be appealing to everyone, so it’s advisable to be considerate of those in your vicinity, particularly if there are young children present.
  • Exercise caution with open flames: A guideline applicable to various fire-related activities such as cigarette smoking and campfires, particularly in dry regions and seasons. Carelessly discarding the remnants of a joint or inadvertently dropping a lighter could have severe repercussions, potentially sparking a forest fire that would devastate the local ecosystem and the cherished natural beauty appreciated by many. If opting to smoke, exercise prudence with fire management, or consider safer consumption alternatives like edibles to mitigate potential risks.
  • Pace Yourself: Lastly, exercise caution and avoid excessive indulgence. Familiarize yourself with your capabilities during the hike and acknowledge that being under the influence may lower your usual thresholds!


Opt for a simpler, shorter route that allows you to proceed at a leisurely pace and relish the experience. It’s more advantageous than opting for a route that seems too lengthy, only to find yourself too intoxicated to appreciate it fully. Additionally, regulate your smoking pace. In a natural setting, moderation is key. There’s little benefit in becoming excessively intoxicated to the point where the enjoyment is compromised. Remember, in this context, less is often more.

Is Hiking Fun When High?

Embarking on a cannabis-infused hike offers a delightful way to spend a day. Connecting with nature while elevated provides a unique opportunity to relax and embrace a tranquil experience often elusive in our daily lives. If you decide to engage in this activity, it’s essential to prepare adequately, ensuring you have sufficient food and water. Additionally, practicing respect for nature and fellow outdoor enthusiasts is crucial, and it’s vital to be aware of your limits for a safe and enjoyable high hiking experience.


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