10 high CBD strains

10 High CBD Strains Hardcore Stoners Must Try

Cannabis smokers love to smoke marijuana with high concentrations of THC, but did you know that you can still get psychoactive effects even though you smoke high CBD strains? However, the question is, can you really get high with high CBD strains? This is because CBD is known to have no psychoactive effect on its name.

In this article, we’ll talk about high CBD strains and how they can be of good use for people wanting to get high while still enjoying its therapeutic benefits.

What’s the Fuss all about High CBD Strain?

You have probably heard about high THC strains, but what about those non-psychoactive high CBD strains? Can you get high with high CBD strains? How does it feel like? Can you still have overpowering psychoactive experience when you smoke high CBD strains?

A high CBD strain that came from a cannabis plant and contained THC can have the most active compound to offer non-psychoactive high off effects. This means that high CBD strains lack the tools to get the side effects of a female cannabis flower high-THC.

As more and more studies and research are concluding that CBD has great potential for medicinal use such as anxiolytic, antidepressant, analgesic, antipsychotic, and anti-tumor. This only means that they are good alternative medicine for people who don’t want to feel marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

By far, CBD is the most popular choice when it comes to medicinal use, and for patients. Whether its stress, anxiety, and other severe conditions, CBD oil has provided the best positive effects when dealing with certain conditions.

CBD, mostly referred to as Cannabidiol, is one of the two most active compounds found in marijuana. The other one is THC, which produces the psychoactive high.

Because of their therapeutic benefits and produces non-psychoactive effects, these strains that have high CBD are best used for patients who want to get the most out of cannabis, without getting high.

Usually, CBD strains are developed in a mixture of CBD and THC, which makes them a great choice for profound health benefits. The combination of the two boosts their added benefits as they work well with each other.

Top 10 High CBD Strains 

Harlequin (CBD 15%)

By far, the most popular CBD strain in the market today. When it comes to high CBD strains, the harlequin is regarded to be the best. Harlequin is a product of legendary strains, the Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Sativa landraces. It has a whopping 15% of CBD content, making it an ideal choice for patients and other smokers who seek the healing ability of this plant.

Another great trait about harlequin is how flavorful this one is; it possesses earthy-musky flavors the explode in your mouth like candies. The effects will hit you like a good wave of the sea, serenading you to a peaceful and clear-minded day. Best used to start the day!

Sour Tsunami (CBD 11%-13%)

One of the best crowd-pleaser when it comes to high CBD strains. The Sour Tsunami contains around 13% CBD and 11% THC content, making it a versatile strain to keep you motivated and focused for long periods while still addressing your condition.

Many people seek the help of the Sour tsunami as it has good anti-inflammatory properties and treats bodily pains without getting way too high. The flavors are reminiscent of sour diesel strain that smacks the hell out of your palate!

Remedy (CBD 9-16%)

As the name suggests, it is a remedy for various conditions. The remedy comes from two high CBD parents, the Cannatonic strain and the Afghan Skunk, both of which are legends in their own right. The remedy is popular among patients as it induces a heavy dose of relaxation without feeling too much high.

A CBD dominant treat that every hard stoner should smoke, the Remedy has virtually no THC in them but contains staggering levels of CBD, about 16%. Yup, you read that right. So, be sure to prepare your bed as comfy as possible as you’ll be getting relaxation of a lifetime when you smoke this one.

Cannatonic (CBD 6-17%)

When you talk about CBD legends, Cannatonic easily comes to mind. It is a product of Mk Ultra and G-13 Haze strains. Hard stoners should try this one as it is not only famous for its ultra-high CBD content but also for its dazzling combination of flavor. From earthy-sweet, down to a citrus one, you are sure to get fired once you get a hit of this.

Most CBD buyers often seek the help of Cannatonic as it helps them with various ailments such as muscle spasms, nausea, and headache. Overall, it’s great flavors, and high CBD content more than makes up for its non-psychoactive effect.

ACDC (20% CBD)

Just like Harlequin strain, the ACDC strain is the most popular CBD strain on this list. It is the product of a Ruderalis plant and Cannatonic. Just like Cannatonic, ACDC possesses the best of both worlds, over-abundance of sweet and earthy flavors that are truly palatable to the tongue.

Aside from its flavors, ACDC has one of the highest CBD content on this list, about 20%! This makes them an ideal choice for overall pain-management, stress, and anxiety.

Ringo’s Gift (20% CBD)

Coming from a storied background, Ringo’s Gift was named after the pioneer of CBD strains, Lawrence Ringo. Ringo’s gift is the best choice when it comes to CBD oils; it has remarkable effects that smokers should get to enjoy.

Its effects are on par with other high THC strains as it provides full-body relaxation combined with clear-mindedness and added focus. They are best used to start the day.

CBD Dancehall (15% CBD)

If you prefer vaping your favorite CBD strains, then we highly recommend the CBD dancehall strain as it is one of the tastiest treats you could ever experience in marijuana. This strain is an absolute mood-booster, keeping your smile for longer periods, and helps clear the mind. Looking for the perfect combination when it comes to effects and flavors? Then the CBD Dancehall is highly recommended for everyone!

CBD Dancehall is a tropical taste to it, tropical we mean fruits! From sweet pineapples, down to citrus flavors, you are sure to have a hard time identifying each flavor the blasts in the mouth.

Sweet and Sour Widow (CBD 11%)

Looking for that good balance of THC and CBD, then Sweet and Sour Widow is right up! These strains contain a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Although this strain may contain considerable levels of THC, it is still a good option for first-time smokers and other patients.

It is also good to point out that if it contains a considerable amount of THC, then it is perfectly fine for users who aren’t totally ready to go for high THC strains. Plus, the sweet and earthy aroma in this strain is one to die for.

Harle-Tsu Strain (CBD 22%)

When both of your parents are on this list, then most likely you have a significantly high CBD content. The Harle-Tsu strain is a product of Harlequin and Tsunami strains, both of which are known to be popular strains when it comes to CBD.

It’s 22% CBD content leaves out everyone in the dust. It has a good buzz that gently surrounds the body with positive energy making it an ideal morning strain. Plus, its health benefits are on par with some of the legends, best used for patients suffering from severe anxiety, stress, and pain.

Stephen Hawking Kush

Named from of the greatest minds here on earth, the Stephen Hawking Kush is bound to give you a different experience when it comes to its effect. It has an energizing and very uplifting high that catapults yourself a euphoric experience.

Stephen Hawking was a product from the Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush strains. With varying phenotypes, the CBD levels of SHK is around 5% to 20%. Expect fruity and minty flavors that are just quite right for your liking.


Knowing the best high CBD strains should prepare yourself for your next trip to your local weed shop. Remember that high CBD strains provide the best effects when it comes to medicinal values. So, be sure to buy marijuana seeds with some high CBD strains to help you with some of your conditions!

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