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Hemp Marijuana Seeds Industries from New Zealand

In New Zealand, cannabis seed dealer gets legal approval from their government. The first leader to legally order imported cannabis seeds for growing industrial hemp in New Zealand is Mac McIntosh of Wellington. The Health Ministry signed off Mr. McIntosh’s license to deal in hemp seed for industrial use and he placed his first orders for 14 varieties of hemp with curious names like Felina 19 and Fedora 34. He will supply Canadian and Hungarian hemp seed to 11 growers approved by the Health ministry to be involved in industrial hemp growing problems covering 55 hectares at secret locations around New Zealand.

Mr. McIntosh was so glad because his license to import and deal in seed used had been approved successfully that made him turned up personally at the ministry to collect and manage everything. He felt that he’s a very fortunate person in a very fortunate place and time. He campaigned for 12 years for industrial hemp to be grown in New Zealand, since working out he could make $160,000 a year by putting less than a quarter of his South Island farm into hemp.

He has since sold the farm, set up Hemp Seed Holdings to import and distribute seed, and is president of the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association. Two New Zealand processors — the Waihi Beach Organic Farm of Geraldine, which will make hemp seed oil, and New Wool Products, Nelson, which will make wool and hemp fiber insulation, were lined up to buy the crops. David Musgrave of Waihi Beach Organic Farm estimated the New Zealand hemp market could be worth up to $30 million within five years.

Hemp seed oil was a valuable dietary supplement because of its Omega 3 fatty acid content, and Central Otago had the perfect growing conditions, he said. The health ministry was expected to approve more licenses for the trials on the 30th of each month till the end of this year. The Government-approved trials will assess whether hemp can be successfully grown and the varieties most suited to New Zealand. If successful, a Government working group will consider what restrictions should be placed on commercial cultivation. This is how cannabis are legally used in New Zealand.

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