Harlequin x Bubba Kush Marijuana Seeds


Harlequin x Bubba Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high CBD at 9 percent and only 6 percent THC. This is a euphoric, uplifting, focused, and relaxing strain you can use for anxiety, depression, stress, and inflammation. This hybrid cannabis strain is not for beginners and will grow in all climates from temperate to cool-cold environments.

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25 Seeds $140.00


More About Harlequin x Bubba Kush (Regular)

Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. This is a regular strain made from combining a therapeutic Harlequin and a potent Bubba Kush. It is a photoperiod strain, and this means that it needs a special lighting schedule to stimulate the flowering phase.

Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular is a strain that can grow indoors or outdoors. These plants will flower 60 to 65 days with buds having very low THC at 5 to 6% and very high CBD at 8 to 10%. Therefore, Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular is considered as a therapeutic strain rather than a recreational one.

Harlequin x Bubba Kush Regular buds will smell and taste sweet, fruity, and hashy. It will give you around 500 to 550 grams per square meter of yield indoors and from 600 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Harvest time is during September.


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