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Watering Marijuana Plants – How Much Water

Watering marijuana plants: Brief overview

One of the important aspects about watering marijuana plants is to check if the pot or container has holes for draining excessive water. If there is no drainage, excess water will remain in the base of the pot and cause rotting of roots of the marijuana plant. Water should be given in fine mist to maintain constant moisture in the soil without making it very hard or very loose. For beginners, one of the tips to know when the soil requires moisture is to touch the soil with fingers. If one feels some moisture in the soil, watering could be skipped for a day or two. Usually the upper surface of the soil is always dry in comparison to the soil below. 

How to provide water to the marijuana plants grown outdoors?

The cannabis plant loves watering in the developmental stage but too much watering destroys the roots of the plant. Water providers the hydrogen which is required for the growth of cannabis plant. One of the best ways for watering outdoor cannabis is done by installing sprinkler system. One should keep in mind that the bigger the plant is the more moisture it will require. Some plants which are very larger need almost one gallon of water daily. One of the methods to measure the requirement of outdoor plants is their appearance. If the plants of marijuana are wilted, it means they require water. However some of the cannabis plants wilt for some time due to hot weather conditions as in summers, therefore you should not be worried as it is normal.

Watering Marijuana Plants

Which type of water should be used for watering marijuana?

While watering marijuana plants, it is always better to use water at room temperature. Using warm or cold water for watering may cause ‘shocking’ the roots of cannabis. If the tap water has too much chlorine content, it can turn the soil a bit acidic which may have some harmful effect on the marijuana plant. The soil can be balanced with the use of calcium in such cases. The water should be tested for the presence of chemicals. Even though distilled water or boiled water is used by some growers, it does not contain some minerals which promote good plant growth. The ideal water for marijuana plant should have a balanced Ph and should be free from chlorine and other harmful chemical substances. Rain water can also be used for watering marijuana plants as it is a rich source of nitrogen.

What are some of the useful tips for watering marijuana?

Watering in marijuana is an important aspect for getting the high yield. Many factors such as the amount of water in the soil, type of water, frequency of watering determine the overall growth of the marijuana plant. Some of the tips which can be followed while watering marijuana are:

  • After the seeds have been sowed and soil watered, you must not water again for some days.
  • The amount of water and how often it has to be given vary with the size of the plant and pot and the amount of lights.
  • When the marijuana plants are small they transpire less, so they don’t require too much water.
  • When the seedlings have just emerged, you should water carefully so as to prevent the water from knocking over the seedlings.
  • Never allow the soil to become too wet or too dry.

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