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Stories beneath the Cannabis Industry

There are many states that prohibiting the production and commercialization of marijuana over their country. But the fact is, it has grown into an underground market where there is greater demand and supply is very abundant. There are many articles being published over the internet especially in United States that states that marijuana is not a product that must be taken by people with strong midst of depression because they need to use it excessively.

Indeed that article’s story only speaks out to the experiences of many of the disenfranchised in this country–the poor, the refugee, the underground. There is one story provoked with Jerry Lermaine which has been imprisoned for three years because of the illegal usage of marijuana. Right after the verdict of guilty, he was placed with solitary confinement for almost a year because the government strictly prohibits the intake of cannabis plants. He once fact a case of deportation to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, a country he left when he was three. And, may I add, Lemaine was a responsible, productive citizen who attended the Hunter Business School for nursing, aided his mother in a contentious divorce, and, to top it all off, he’s got a brain disorder.

This only goes to show how impotent the drug laws in the society, insanely putting people in a bunch of false idea. During his early life stage, he was also been caught with tons of marijuana, and when you are caught twice it just goes to show that you have been charge with drug trafficking which has heavy consequence. From this story when can derive lots of conclusions especially with the kind of law being inject with drug system. But we can never seize the operation of cannabis industry because of the demand of people. Indeed, we must take into consideration the kind of demand it has brought up to the market.

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