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Smell & Odor Of Marijuana Plants – Weed Smell

Indoor cultivation of marijuana gives advantages to growers. In indoor growing, you will have the full control of the environment for your cannabis plants. Light, water, nutrients, temperature and humidity can all be controlled. However, you also need to control the smell and odor of plants when you are in an indoor growing venture. One problem that an indoor grower can experience is the smell and odor of plants remaining in the grow room. Of course, you would not want suspicions from your neighbors that you are growing marijuana within your place. You can eliminate the smell and odor of plants by using active carbon filters.

Active carbon filters are excellent to use if you want to control the smell and odor of plants in your grow room area. It is worth buying because it can guarantee you with the most control of the smell and odor of plants without frequent need of maintenance. It is easy to install in your cannabis grow room. To remove effectively the smell and odor of plants, set up the activated carbon filter to the exhaust fan. These carbon filters will get rid of volatile organic substances that may be present in the air, as you are growing marijuana. It is available in different sizes. You can choose whichever will fit to your plant’s needs. Get your own carbon filter so you will not worry all the time about being caught because of the strong smell and odor of plants within your grow room.

Smell and Odor

Odor and Smell of weed plants when you are growing.

We know for the fact that setting up a grow room is quite expensive. You do not want your time, effort and money go wasted. If you already invested on the equipments for growing marijuana indoors, there is no reason that you will not spend money for your security. Smell and odor of plants are strong and long lasting. Do not let yourself be caught because of that. Buy an odor control to eliminate the smell and odor cause by the buds of the weeds. The carbon filter can remove more than 90% of volatile organic compounds from the air. Controlling the odor within the grow room is important for every serious marijuana grower. It is a good thing that there are many solutions available in the market to eliminate the strong odor from the weeds. 

Aside from carbon filters, you can find other resources to get rid of the strong smell and odor of plants. Ionizers and ozone generators can also be used. Ionizers function will sift out the smell and odor of plants. On the other hand, ozone generators oxidize air pollutants and at the same time, remove the smell and odor of plants. Some growers, especially those who are just starting on their indoor marijuana-growing venture find these odor control systems expensive. These systems give a full control of the smell and odor of plants. However, there is also a less expensive but effective way of getting rid of this. Cleaning products found at home can actually be used to control the smell and odor of plants. Cover the strong odor coming from the weeds by using pine cleaner, bleach, perfumes and scented soaps.

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