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Ruderalis Marijuana – What Is Ruderalis Weed?

Ruderalis plant also known as Cannabis ruderalis is an alleged species of Cannabis which originated from the Central regions of Asia. This type of Cannabis plant flowers earlier than Indica and Sativa. It does not grow as tall as the two other species but it can withstand more cruel weathers. Ruderalis plant has the capability of auto-flowering which makes them advantageous to Cannabis growers because of their discreet size, shorter growing period, and they don’t rely on a change in light schedule to identify when to flower. They are automatic, a monster.

Ruderalis got its name from its homeland – the former Soviet Union. Ruderalis was used by the Soviets to describe the different varieties of hemp which adapted the surrounding region after it had escaped cultivation. Ruderalis contains lower THC compared to either Sativa or Indica, that’s why it has gotten little interest until the time when growers started to breed the different varieties. A lot of growers didn’t like growing this plant way back in times because of its low THC content but when the idea of breeding started, Ruderalis has become the favorite ingredient. Its toughness, discreet size, auto-flowering capabilities and a lot more have made it an eye catcher for a lot of cannabis growers.

Usually, indica strains are cross-bred with Ruderalis to produce marijuana which has the THC content of indica and the toughness and the discreet height of Ruderalis. These high-breeds have auto-flowering capabilities which they got from their Ruderalis genes. These high-breed marijuana plants are considered to be one of the best strains.

Ruderalis Marijuana

What is ruderalis weed and autoflowering?

One of the most famous marijuana high-breeds with Ruderalis genes is Ganja Dwarf also known as Lowrider or Lowryder. It has a discreet size, faster growth and flowering, auto-flowering capabilities, and tougher compared to the other marijuana strains. This is good for new marijuana growers because it is very easy to grow.

Ruderalis plant population can also be found in most areas where hemp was once cultivated. The Midwest regions of North America are the places where you can find a huge number of those plants. You can also find them in some other parts in the United States and Canada. There are also some large plantations of ruderalis in the central and eastern parts of Europe, the Himalayas and the former Soviet Union. Because of the lack of human care and intervention, these plants have lost a lot of its original traits. 

Ruderalis can also breed well with Hemp which is why it is the favorite ingredient for growers and breeders of marijuana plants. Aside from the size, auto-flowering, and other advantageous properties of this marijuana plant, it is also resistant to insects and diseases plus a lot of other advantages. 
A lot of marijuana or cannabis growers and breeders have been investing in breeding marijuana plants with the use of Ruderalis as a part of the whole program. Even with the strict effort of the different governments which prohibit marijuana, there are still a lot of places where you can find this cannabis plant.

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