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Pests, Spider Mites and Bugs In Marijuana Plants

Pests, spider mites and bugs are common troubles that growers can experience in marijuana cultivation. Pests or bugs can be destructive for marijuana plants, which will affect the final harvest. Spider mites are sometimes associated to spiders but they are not classified as insects. Infestations of pests, spider mites and bugs are often mistaken by others as a result of poor techniques used in cultivation. Because of their very tiny sizes, they are often hard to detect which when left unchecked will lead to the damage of your cannabis plant.

To prevent pests, spider mites and bugs infestation, grow room should always be kept clean. Throughout the process of marijuana cultivation, it is best to take the necessary precautions to make sure that these tiny creatures will not eat up your plants, turning your effort into nothing. Never use carpet in a grow room since this will promote the growth of bacteria and mold and giving a favorable environment for pests, spider mites and bugs.

Pests, Spider Mites and Bugs

Spider Mites, Bugs and Pests and growing weed.

Sometimes, infestation cannot be prevented, no matter how much you are paying attention with the sanitation of the entire grow room. Pests, spider mites and bugs may cause destruction to cannabis crops and will make your effort, time and money wasted. Getting rid of these pests, spider mites and bugs is not quite easy. It will take time before you can eradicate them totally. There are treatments available in the market, which can be used to wipe them out. The use of a natural solution is one of the best ways to control the overgrowth of these pests, spider mites and bugs. Insecticides can be applied but there is a risk of causing harm to the marijuana plants. 

Pests, spider mites and bugs can multiply into thousands and even millions in just a couple of weeks if they are left undetected. Early detection is very important. For treatment, spray them with a miticide spray specifically formulated for marijuana plants. This is sprayed once in every three days. This will prevent further multiplication of spider mites but will not guarantee of total eradication. These pests are just present in some corners of the grow room. Predator mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis) can also be purchased to help control them if you do not favor the use of chemical sprays.

Pests, spider mites and bugs are a common sight in marijuana growing, whether you have it outdoors or indoors. Mites will feed themselves with the enzymes of marijuana plants and thus, it will result to a dull appearance of the plant. Once your cannabis plants are infested with these very tiny and barely visible creatures, you will be having a hard time in eliminating it. You might be working on it through the plant’s growth. Examine the leaves and plants regularly and check for any signs of holes, spots, sagging branches and browning of the leaves, usually on the tips. Prevention is always the best thing to do in order to avoid the growth of these pests, spider mites and bugs.

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