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OG Marijuana Strains – OG Kush – OG Weed

There are many breeds of cannabis strains being developed by many growers nowadays. Since the provision of growing marijuana has been widely established already, there are more growers who cultivate their own mixture of strains in order to produce a quality made line of marijuana smoke.

Most of us know OG marijuana as the “Ocean Grown” marijuana which is a hybrid of Indica Organic indoor cannabis.

One of its great effects is the stimulation of the appetite of the smoker. OG marijuana Kush was reported that it has never been rooted from a real Kush, nevertheless, in California it was a big hit once upon a time that is the reason why they named the breed of cannabis into Ocean Grown Kush. As for our information, Kush originated from Kush Valley in Afghanistan wherein it is well known as a hundred percent pure indica cannabis. When we heard OG marijuana, we instantly think as well OG Kush which was the short term for most of the cannabis smokers. For most smokers of marijuana, OG marijuana and OG strains is considered an amazing plant. Many teenagers in Northern California and Los Angeles have been hooked with all the hype caused by OG marijuana.

OG Kush Marijuana Strains

OG Marijuana Strains, OG Kush, OG Haze, OG White Widow.

OG marijuana is not only a short term for Ocean Grown Kush but also we have heard a lot from “Original Gangster” Kush. Original Gangster or OG strains originated from the Valley of San Francisco in the city of Los Angeles. It is also the strain which was bred in order to produce the wonderful plant in Southern Cali. It has been regenerated form almost decades of different strain hybrids until the OG marijuana has been successfully produced. OG marijuana or Original Gangster Kush is a phenomenal plant which was cultivated by the best developed organic fertilizer.

Indeed, as of to date, OG marijuana is the most powerful Indica breed in the commercial market. In addition, it was a product of cloning of different Indica strains. You can get OG marijuana that is lighter in color and is usually characterized with a light green leaf as well. The bud of OG cannabis seeds when it is growing are longer and thinner which good strains are from leafs of Indica.  It is best grown indoor for as long as Hydroponic setup is present. It can grow up to four to six inches in height. It can yield from three hundred to six hundred grams and the flowering process can last from sixty five to seventy five days. A small lighting is also important to make sure that the germination process would be very successful.

It produces tiny nugs which you can acquire through an amazing yielding. In terms of THC component, OG Kush has the highest that causes your teeth to be damaged. It’s powerful and strong taste ignited the alertness of a person. This is the most particular reason why, it is not highly recommended to smoke OG marijuana before going to bed because it will keep you awake all night.

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