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Nutrients and Fertilizer For Marijuana Plants

Marijuana like any other plants needs nutrients and fertilizers to grow and to produce good yields. The nutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K) play an important role the development of your cannabis like its root growth; buds development; flowering; and in producing high yields.

In each phase of your cannabis plant’s growth, you need to make sure that you are using the correct fertilizers and nutrients enable for you to get an amazing grow.

Germinating Phase

It is not advisable to use fertilizer in the soil while you are germinating marijuana seeds. Fertilizers might ruin your marijuana sprout since those sprouts are fragile. Good tomato soils are good enough to grow your marijuana sprouts until it’s ready to get supplemental nutrients and fertilizers. The tomato soils contain proper nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) ratios which can provide your seedling’s needs for at least 14 days. While the marijuana plant continues to grow, it is recommended to administer proper fertilizers and nutrients as necessary. 

Nutrients and Fertilizer For Growing Marijuana

Marijuana Nutrients, Fertilizers And Pesticides

Vegetative Phase

Use NPK fertilizers during this phase because that’s what your marijuana plant needs enable for it to maintain a vigorous growth and maturity. Unlike the any other plants, marijuana doesn’t need full strength administration of fertilizer. If the fertilizer is too much, the marijuana plant will be affected. Most well-experienced growers dilute the fertilizers that they buy from manufacturers. In this way, they can make sure that the fertilizer isn’t that strong and it couldn’t harm their marijuana plants. Marijuana fertilizers solution is usually used twice a week, but some marijuana growers prefer to use the solution every day. It just depends on the grower on which technique works best for him. 

Flowering Phase

You don’t need to balance the ratio of your plant’s NPK this time. What you need to do is to give higher ratio of phosphorus to your cannabis so that its flowers grow amazingly fine. Phosphorus can help increase the capability of your marijuana plant to produce healthier flowers. Do you want a good yield? Put in good amount of phosphorus but remember not to put too much amount on it. It will burn the plant if that’s what will be done to it. As your ganja plant continues to grow bigger and wider, you need to add more amount of fertilizers and nutrients to maintain it.

Here are some of the nutrients that your marijuana plant also need – calcium, sulfur, and magnesium. These minerals can help your cannabis plant to grow well and to produce good yields. There are also some other minerals that can be added to the nutrients that will be paid to your marijuana plants. Only a minimal amount of those secondary nutrients are needed but they should not be ignored because they are needed by your marijuana plant to have a healthy growth and development. Enable for you to make sure that you are giving your plant the right nutrients and care; you might need to buy a book which can guide you through the whole process of feeding your plant. Unfed well with nutrients, then your plant becomes unhealthy and it will eventually die. Overdose it and it will die as well.

Pre-Harvest Phase

Make sure to stop administering fertilizer 2 weeks before you harvest your marijuana plant to make sure that there are no traces of chemicals and fertilizers left in the plant. Remove residue of fertilizers and nutrients by using fresh water. Water your plant during those 2 weeks time with fresh water 4 times more than the size of your marijuana’s pot.

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