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Inhaling Cannabis Products

There are many cooking cannabis, this drug can also be cooked, usually in the form of a cake, biscuits etc. The Cannabis is broken down into small pieces and mixed with the cake mixture and cooked as per the instructions on the cake mixture packet. Once the cake is made and ready for eating it would then be cut into pieces and shared.

In addition, there is also Inhaling cannabis wherein inhaling just the smoke off Cannabis is done in a couple of ways. On the market there is plenty of smoking devices such as pipes with mesh grills. The Cannabis is placed onto the mesh grill, heat is applied the pipe is then sucked so that all the smoke off the Cannabis is inhaled. This method of inhalation tends to burn the throat as the smoke is rather warm when inhaled. Another way of inhaling this drug is to use a bong, with this method the smoke is drawn through water in a bottle causing the smoke to be cooled down before it is inhaled and obviously more enjoyable for the user. A bong is a bit like an Indian’s piece pipe. For a user to make a bong is fairly simple, the materials required are all found around the home, small plastic bottle, cigarette filter, plastic tube, i.e. a pen with the inside taken out, and a receptacle for burning the Cannabis in, for instance the outsides of a TV aerial plug. There are many effects that cannabis product induce.

Cannabis is a widely used drug and has been for some time in the UK. The effects of Cannabis is determined on the individual, the state of mind the individual was in before taking the drug, i.e. depressed or happy etc. Main effects of a user would be very talkative, relaxed and happy. Colors and sounds also play a big part in the state of users, as these are more pronounced and usually help relax the user. Like other drugs Cannabis can have its bad side of effects, especially when higher doses are taken. Some side effects include hallucinations and the user may become disorientated. This in turn can also lead to the user being anxious or depressed and possible suicidal. Some users will also become paranoid especially if taking the drug at parties with a lot of other people around. Nausea and vomiting can be present when too much of the drug is taken at once. When smoking Cannabis it usually hits the spot fairly quickly and can last from 1 to 3 hours depending on the amount taken.

Just like heroin users, Cannabis users also get the munchies and dry mouth. Cannabis is classed as a drug that is fairly safe to use without any serious long lasting damage to physical or mental health. Cannabis is still dangerous due to the damage to the lungs through smoking, it is also said that it is not a drug that is addictive, to some people it is, also using cannabis with tobacco the user could get addicted to the nicotine in tobacco and get dependent on cigarettes.

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