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What Is A Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plant

The Marijuana or Cannabis plant can either be a male or a female, however in rare occasions, it may contain both sexes. This is called a hermie or a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite cannabis plant has two sexes; it contains both the male and the female organs of a cannabis plant.
Male marijuana plants pollinate the flowers the female marijuana plants have. After pollination, the female marijuana plant produces seeds. However if the female marijuana plant was not able to receive pollen from the male marijuana plant, the female continues to grow and begins to develop flowers and buds—sinsemilla meaning ‘without seeds’.  This produces THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol., the chemical substance that gives human that ‘high’ feeling.

Male and Female Marijuana Plant

Male marijuana or cannabis plants cover 30 to 50% of the marijuana plant production. Usually the stems have tall height with stout, branching at irregular intervals, and fewer leaves than female cannabis plants. For people to whom their purpose of growing marijuana is breeding, this male plant is pulled out before it sheds its pollen. During harvest time, careful shaking should be observed to prevent accidental pollination. When the male marijuana plant reaches the flowering stage, the grower may notice the development of buds on branch tips. It will look like little balls, and it will be without white hairs.

Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plant

What is a harmaphrodite marijuana plant?

Female marijuana plants will not develop little buds; however, it will have white hair development unlike the male marijuana plant. They are intended mainly for seed production, which is why male marijuana plants are pulled out to prevent its pollen from getting into the female marijuana plant’s flowers. It is differentiated from the male marijuana plant by its characteristic V-shape pistils. Its flowers bloom 3 weeks later than the male cannabis plant.

Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plant

As mentioned earlier, hermaphrodite cannabis plants are produced in rare occasions. It is usually noticeable after a female marijuana plant is grown—the male marijuana plant starts to pollinate the sinsemillia within the plant and when the pollen sac tries to inbreed the crop. This signals the production or formation of seeds, making the plant use its resources in seed production rather than calyxes and pistils. Calyx is the term for the cannabis plant’s flower.

It is believed that the cause of hermaphrodite cannabis plant production is due to stressors in the environment of cultivation. A dark environment is essential in triggering hormone production that is important for beginning the flowering stage of the cannabis plant. If even the slightest light leaks, it alters the normal process of the plant’s growth.  

Hermaphrodites are generally not favored by growers because once it releases pollen, it will destroy a sinsemillia crop and will self-pollinate. Sinsemilla crops are very potent plants—the best kind of marijuana according to reviews of growers and users. It will also pollinate any other female crop in the room. Another disadvantage would be the seeds’ worthlessness—it has the tendency to produce hermaphrodite plants as well.

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