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The Health Risk of Cannabis Plants & Smoking

There are many people who are fond of taking cannabis plants in their daily lives. It gives off different types of beneficial effects especially psychologically because it can give off extra ordinary feeling of happiness. But it also has health risk that must be taken considerably. Most of the health risks associated with cannabis is those linked with the tobacco it’s usually smoked with. There have been suggestions that there is an extremely low risk of developing bronchitis or lung cancer from smoking cannabis resin by itself, although a $2 million study by the National Toxicology Program in the US “found absolutely no evidence” in these claims

The acute toxicity of cannabis and the cannabinoids is very low; no-one has ever died as a direct and immediate consequence of recreational or medical use. Official statistics record two deaths involving cannabis (and no other drug) in 1993, two in 1994 and one in 1995 but these were due to inhalation of vomit. Animal studies have shown a very large separation (by a factor of more than 10,000) between pharmacologically effective and lethal doses. Although it is widely accepted – even in most Government and legal circles – that the occasional use of cannabis is most certainly no more dangerous than socially accepted drugs like alcohol and tobacco, possession still remains an offence in most countries. The main findings from an official report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (UK) are: High use of cannabis is not associated with major health problems for individuals or society.

Health Risk of Cannabis Plants

Marijuana and health. What are the potential risks of smoking weed.

Occasional use of cannabis is only rarely associated with significant problems in otherwise healthy individuals, with the main worry being impaired control of your movements. It can also disrupt the control of blood pressure and increase the risk of fainting. However, occasional use can pose significant dangers for those with heart and circulation disorders and for those with schizophrenia. Regular heavy use of cannabis can result in dependence but its addictive potential is far less than amphetamines, tobacco or alcohol.

Cannabis impairs mental functions such as attention, memory and performance and so can be dangerous for drivers and those who operate heavy machinery but, unlike alcohol, it does not increase risk-taking behavior. The birth weight of children whose pregnant mothers smoked joints might be lower than expected due to carbon monoxide in the smoke. They also run a small risk of minor birth defects. Cannabis is less harmful than other class B substances including amphetamines, barbiturates or codeine-like compounds.

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