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Harvesting Weed – When To Harvest Marijuana

Growers are looking forward to the harvesting time. The right time when to harvest your weed is determined if the plant has already reached its optimum growth. During the time of harvesting, various factors should be taken into consideration. The question here is how you will know when to harvest your weed. Marijuana harvesting can happen between 6-12 weeks after the plants start to flower. Indoor and outdoor marijuana plant will vary on the time of their harvesting. However, it is advisable to check for physical signs to determine that the plants are already on their way for harvest.

Physical changes observed will make you decide when to harvest your weed. Look closely on its pistils. It originally appears as bright white but when it is already ripe and ready for harvesting, these pistils turn reddish brown.  When examining the pistils, you should not touch the buds of the weed. If you want to check on its buds, hold only the leaves or stem. Some THC content might go with your hands if you touch it. What will happen is that, final yield may be affected. When pistils have completely changed their color, buds are now ready to harvest. Take note of the trichomes or the resin glands. Observe changes in color. From milky white to amber color will indicate that your weeds are now ready for harvest. Growers can now begin enjoying the smoke and the high effect that marijuana buds are giving.

Harvesting Weed

Harvesting the bud from your marijuana plants.

When to harvest your weed will also depend on your purpose. Whether you intend to sell your weed or just harvest it for personal use. There is a difference in doing the harvest late or at an earlier time. It is important to define the purpose why you need to harvest your plants. If you are growing your own marijuana with the intention of selling it, as a wise grower, you will harvest late and let the buds over-ripen. Because of the presence of extra resins in the seedpods, weight is increased. Some commercial growers are doing this strategy to increase the weight of the marijuana buds for selling purposes. However, you have to keep in mind that by doing this, you are reducing the THC content present in the marijuana plant. Thus, the pleasant and high feeling given is lesser too.

When to harvest your weed will actually depend on the amount of THC you want to obtain from the cannabis plants. Keep in mind that by harvesting your weed at an earlier time, THC level is much higher. High tetrahydrocannabinol content is what most people are looking for in a weed because it is able to produce more head high. You can actually start harvesting your weed when you observed that at least 50% of the white hairs have changed their color into brown or reddish brown. You can make your own experiment with your weeds. For personal consumption, try to do a harvest at different times and observe the results that the weed is giving you. This will help you determine when to harvest your weed next time.

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