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Fluorescent Lights (CFL) For Growing Marijuana

Not all the time the weather is appropriate in growing marijuana plants outdoors. When growing marijuana plants outdoors, the plant should have at least 8 hours of exposure to sunlight a day. That’s the main reason why grow lights have been made, to have the convenience to grow marijuana plants even indoors, and still receive the right amount of light and nutrients needed for the plant to grow.
Fluorescent light is a popular grow light used as a starting means of lighting for marijuana seedlings. Fluorescent lights are known for its low intensity of light and heat emitted.

These are excellent lighting that can produce excellent, healthy, mature and good quality marijuana plants. This makes fluorescent grow lights very suitable in growing marijuana indoors. Fluorescent bulbs are cheaper and it has wide varieties to choose from such as, cool, warm and daylight bulb. The daylight bulb is the one that is more recommended that works best in a grow room. Although it is cheap and many of the plant growers are using this kind of plant technique, the lumen output of the fluorescent light is very low, that gives a poor light source for the flowering and budding process of the marijuana plant. Another fluorescent bulb that is recommended to have an optimal result on the growth is choosing a light bulb that ranges from “cool white” or “cool”, which aids in the vegetative growth of the marijuana plant.

Fluorescent Lights For Marijuana

Fluorescent lights and growing weed. How to grow marijuana using CFL fluorescent bulbs and lights

Choosing bulbs that is “warm white” to “soft white” will be responsible on the flowering of the marijuana plant. With this it is greatly recommended to place the bulbs very close to the plant, for about two – four inches, to help the plant meet the required light and heat needed for the growth and development of the plants.

Another term for this is the CFL or the Compact Fluorescent Lamps, these are commonly used at home, but it provides light and heat that is needed by the marijuana plants to go. For starting to light a grow room, a grower should set a 40 watts of CFL. Put the plant under the light for the whole day every day. When the soils breaks and the plants grow upward as expected, adjust the lights up to two inches from the top. It is already ready for a transplant. Once the marijuana plants starts to flower, more lights are needed, to fill the shadowed areas inside the grow room.  Always make sure that the grow room of each plans should be fully lit there should be no shadowed areas on it. This helps the leaves of the marijuana plants to become greener, mature and meet its desired potency.

The best things on marijuana plants grown in a fluorescent light grow room, is that the bulb doesn’t get hot, and it will never burn the marijuana’s leaves when the bulb is very near to the plant. It is very efficient not only to the costs of the bulbs used, but also to the consumer’s electrical bill. Pick products that are on high output to get the most of the light’s lumen, and can provide the right amount of light to each plants.  

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