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Aerogarden Marijuana Growing – Aerogarden Weed

With the fast-paced technology and lesser space availability on our backyards, Aerogarden growing has becoming a trend. This is when one will be able to plant from the comfort of their kitchen counter tops. However, not all plants can be accommodated on this kind of gardening.

Tomatoes, strawberries, herbs such as basil, chili peppers, peas and lettuce can be planted in Aerogarden. This way you could enjoy an organic and fresh fruits and vegetables right at your very own kitchen.

The plants that are preferably cultured during summertime are tomatoes, as these plants are warm-weather crops and naturally grow outdoors. However, too much light is also not good for the plant like the tomatoes. As they need around 5-6 hours of darkness for them to flower and produce fruits. With the set-timer, this job will be a lot easier.

On colder days, the salad greens are recommended. And on any other days, peas, herbs and even marijuana plant.

For some, they use Aerogarden to plant their marijuana seeds. Since, it’s conveniently hidden inside their homes, there will be less scrutinizing glances from their neighbors and is safe from law enforcers. Well, this is very true in countries where marijuana plant is restricted.

Aerogarden Marijuana Growing

How to grow weed with Aerogarden. Aerogarden marijuana growing

Although this machine can function fully well on its own. It still needs to be taken good care. If the manual that comes along it will be studied and the machine closely monitored, the Aerogarden will surely go a long way.

Check the water level once in awhile. Sometimes the water level indicator malfunctions, so it’s safe to be extra vigilant about it. Be sure that there is enough water inside the Aerogarden so as not to jeopardize the growth and health of your plants.

Dirt can still be accumulated even if the Areogarden is inside your house. Dusts are everywhere and the nutrient tablet that you use may produce some of it. As your Aerogarden grows, some plant particles, mineral deposits or even bugs may gather around and it can be hazardous to your pump. So to avoid from any of these circumstance, it should be cleaned every other week.

In the Gourmet Herb kit, the Basil tends to grow faster than the other plants. When this happens, the plant has to be trimmed. Distribution of light is important to all the plants in the Aerogarden, so any plant that grows way ahead than the others had to be cut once in awhile.

Trimming the plant would eventually make them healthier and more productive. So if you want your Aerogarden plant to continually produce good quality food, make it a habit to trim them. These plants can also be trained to grow outwards than upwards. With the use of plant soft-ties and homemade trellis system, things will turn out just the way you want them to.

Aside from the leaves, the roots had to be trimmed too. But be very careful on not to get too much. Do not trim of more than 1/3 of your time at a time. Also, the best time to trim it is during its 4th week.

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