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Grow tent for cannabis

If you’re a starting hobbyist to the cannabis cultivation scene, it would be very wise to start small. Definitely, you would want to start to grow your precious weed indoors where you may be able to control all the environmental factors needed to have a healthy and thriving plant! you can do away with all the drilling and carpentering of building an exhaustive grow room, you can start with a simple grow tent with simple but effective materials to give you the same outcome of having healthy and optimally thriving marijuana plants. But before you go out and grab a grow tent, check if you have the adequate pace to put your tent in. measure and then purchase the appropriate size and then you can now choose the best indoor grow tent that will suit your growing requirement. Here are some things to include when purchasing a grow tent:

Grow lights

ventilation equipment and

all other accessories (growing medium, pumps, shears, etc)

Advantages of Growing Marijuana using a Grow Tent

  • They are cheap – the price range of grow tents are around $70 to $200 for the average tents. Gow tents must have reflective walls (such as mylar hydroponic grow tent for lighting), vents, and a waterproof removable floor tray to catch spillage of water when watering the plants). you have to carefully pre-plan your activities before just randomly buying a grow tent.
  • Tents are easy to Set-up– this is just like when you were kids and you were setting up your camping tents. That is how easy these tents are assembled and put up.
  • Secrecy – These tents inhibit the aromas and light from escaping the tent making it a perfect way to keep your growing hobby a secret from other prying individuals. it will lessen the attention factor when growing your own cannabis in your own home.
  • Helps prevent insect infestation – Grow tents have intake holes that are mesh-covered thus, making it difficult for insects to come creeping into the tent. Plus if you have strong grow lights on, this will make for a very hot humid environment which is not very appealing to these pests!
  • Keeps dust from building up in the Buds – These mesh covers are also a preventive way to keep dust and other impurities from entering the grow tent. The cannabis buds are filled with sticky trichomes and once dust builds up in these buds, it may reduce the potency and quality of the harvest.
  • More Energy Efficient – grow tents are built and designed to be at the most light-proof, they save energy. This is comparing it to grow rooms. With grow rooms, the cultivator usually seals vents and any window where light may escape. Grow tents will save you the trouble you having these already done. All light in grow tents are contained. Plus the fact that grow tents have reflective walls, less lighting will be needed to get that temperature to the desired level in which your plant will be happy. This will be very energy efficient and puts a plus factor in your bottom line costs. Having said that, it is not only light that is being used in the growing of the cannabis plant. Equipment such as air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers and all the other equipment to provide a healthy environment for the plant will have to be taken into account. All these use up energy, but when using a grow tent, all of thee are almost nullified as the requirement for these equipment will be much much less than a grow room. This makes for a great way of using energy wisely.

Disadvantages of Growing Marijuana using a Grow Tent

Although there are a few disadvantages of using grow tents, they are still worth mentioning as this may eventually tip the balance of your decision to use them or not.

Limited Growing Space

This will all boil down to how much is your intended growth? if you ware starting small and are just a novice, then a grow tent is the best way to go. but if you have grander dreams of making it big immediately, you may find yourself constricted to the small spaces these grow tents provide. Then your dreams of making a killing in the market are dashed. Grow tents come in a variety of sizes but the largest may only offer you a growing space of 10 feet x 20 feet which may not match your ideal growing space. a grow tent is not for you.

Movement is always a problem

In the same context as having a limited growing space, the problem of accessibility may be another issue for you as growing your weed in a2 feet by 2 feet grow tent will surely make your movement very limited. Again, if you are dreaming big, a 2 x2 grow tent is positively not for you. Moving around a limited grow tent space will always e a challenge even to the novice small-time grower.

When a Grow Tent Is the Right Choice

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, having a grow tent will be more advantageous than not using them at all. for all novice cultivators, this is the best way to start as you will only be growing a small number of plants and not go big-time immediately. Having a grow tent to start your marijuana cultivation journey is the best way to start.

Creating a Perfect Environment

A grow tent for cannabis gives you the ability to mimic what nature will give to make your indoor grow a perfect environment for your cannabis. The real headache when growing your cannabis with these ideal conditions is setting up that ideal environment. But once this small grow tent is up, it’s just a matter of germinating the seeds and make sure that the best growing conditions are available for the plant to thrive. the inside of the tent will be most vital because it is here that all the controlled conditions are monitored. These controlled set up will include the following:

  • Grow Lights and reflective walls – Most grow tents have a reflective wall which helps in burning a warm environment to the plants and at the same time keep humidity levels down especially if the plants are in the flowering stage.
  • Designed to hold Common Grow Equipment – Most grow tents are designed to accommodate grow lights, ventilation fans, and vents. This will make it easier for the grower to place these equipment in their proper places.
  • Light Proof – Grow tents are designed to prevent light from leaving or entering the tent. It prevents light from seeping out as the proper amount of lighting adequate for healthy cannabis growth is controlled in these tents.
  • Waterproof  – Grow tents have a waterproof floor making it easy and convenient to clean once water is spilled on the floor.
  • Airflow is maximized – A grow tent is properly sealed and controlled to promote the proper amount of air is being received by the plants. vents and fans contribute to the airflow to either keep humidity levels up or low. With this equipment, the plants are sure to receive fresh air and carbon dioxide all the time. Proper airflow also controls the build-up of too much heat inside the grow room.
  • Smell-Proof – A grow tent has space for placing carbon filters so odors of the growth can be controlled or minimized. these carbon filter acts as an odor eliminating agent to avoid marijuana scents from spilling into the rest of the growers home. Plus the ventilation and oscillating fans keep the scents at a respectable level where growers won’t be overwhelmed with the pungent aroma o the cannabis.

The simplest of grow tents just need an exhaust fan and grow lights for it to be a properly working cannabis growing tent.

What Size Grow Tent?

The number of available grow tents in the market is ever-growing. It is difficult to determine which is the best grow tents for you. first is you have to determine the actual grow space you will be using and your intended number of plants you intend to cultivate. All grow tents are built to provide adequate placement for your equipment so, determine your space and number of plants first before choosing what size of tent you will be purchasing.

Final Thoughts

The use of a grow tent will only be advisable for small scale growers. The limited sizes of the available grow tents in the market are limited to accommodate a few plants to grow at a time. But The advantages of having to grow in these tents are far very agreeable as they can offer energy saving advantages ad be less costly than having to construct your own grow room. having a controlled environment while growing your cannabis will be very advantageous as you the cultivator have the ability to adjust the growing conditions which will meet the specific requirements of the marijuana strain you are growing. So if you are a new hobbyist, start small and learn the nuances of cannabis growing!

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